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Trip reports are travelogue-style backcountry aviation stories featuring multimedia and a play-by-play account of the action.

Welcome to the Texas hill country, home to a thriving "brush" pilot community, and the new Texas STOL Round Up annual shortfield competition. This month's Featured Trip Report comes to you in video form, so please enable full screen and enjoy.
Solo Flight is the biographical account of a career commercial pilot who sets off solo in his Jabiru J230D LSA in search of the raw beauty and adventure that the southern continent offers.
Canadian commercial pilot John Vandene ventures north of the Arctic Circle to the territory of Nunavut in a Beechcraft King Air, and gets a taste of true, remote, backcountry dotted by a sparse but rich native culture.
By Jamee Wallis / 21 November 2013


A rookie commercial pilot in Alaska takes on her first aircraft ferry job to the Lower 48, and has the adventure of a lifetime.
A father and son strike out for Copper Creek in a '47 Stinson, on the hunt for Dall Sheep, and end up learning a few lessons about aircraft performance..and human performance.

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