What constitutes "backcountry" is a wide ranging quality of destination that gets you out and away from civilization. For most of us, true backcountry is only practical a few times a year, but for others it's a part of daily life. And yet for some of us, we make our own backcountry very close to home... and have given it the tongue-in-cheek title "sidecountry."

Native Idahoan pilot and historian Richard Holm has released the follow-up to his highly praised Bound for the Backcountry. This time his historical focus is on the rich aviation history of the region along the Idaho/Oregon border where the Lower Salmon joins the Snake.
In his recently published guide, pilot and adventurer Ney Grant shares his fifty favorite destinations for like-minded pilots, complete with story and photos. Here's a sneak peek at a few.
By Zane Jacobson / 29 September 2014

High Sierra

We've jokingly called it a "Burning Man" for airplane junkies, but it's got everything you care about: Bush planes, wide-open backcountry landing zones, campfires, guns, explosions, and a free t-shirt.
By John Vandene / 13 March 2015

Going North!

This is the year you’re going to do’re going to take your southern acclimatized bush bird and take her North.
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