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  • RKTX created a new forum topic Cessna Monarch Fuel Cap Screws?
    On our 58' 180, the screws that hold the Monarch Caps on are getting a tiny bit rusted, and we figure we better replace them before there stuck for good, however I haven't been able to find hardly any...
    5 hours 15 minutes ago
  • flyingzebra created a new forum topic FS: BAS belts for C180
    Set of two inertia reel harnesses from my Cessna 180. They are tan and are in very good shape with a small amount of smudging (from those times I was dripping sweat while on approach). I am replacing them...
    13 hours 38 minutes ago
  • wingnut185 created a new forum topic Best Folding Saw
    The best knife thread is great. It got me thinking that granddad's old bow saw needs to be replaced with a folding saw. Anyone have any favorites?
    16 hours 55 minutes ago
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  • Timberwolf created a new forum topic NAVWORX- Frustrated
    I ordered my Navworx ADSB system July 15 of this year. I was informed and knew prior to ordering it would be 3-4 weeks before it arrived, up to 8 weeks possible. No worries as I was still deployed and...
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  • Icepick created a new forum topic Just Another Sunday
    Flyin' Dog, Smilin' Girl, some Air to Air with a Rans S6...Just Another Sunday! loTwyklXVXE
  • Icepick created a new forum topic Watermelon Pickin'
    The subject says it all: kFEZyyM59Gs
  • Flying from Airglades to Sundance Farms along the Caloosahatchee River, taking a dip in my pond, an encounter with an alligator, and back. sA_dQi-g_kM
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  • Flyhound created a new forum topic Thanksgiving
    It's that time of year again and before I make the trip (driving unfortunately) to my brother's house for the holiday, I wanted to express my thanks to Zane for creating this site and to this community...
  • Flyhound added a new comment in The Prototype
    Great report on one of the most interesting experimental aircraft out there. It is wonderful that people like Alec are applying their creative energies to making safer, and more focused aircraft when it is easy to think there is no more room for progress. I doubt I will ever be a customer for a SB
  • whee created a new forum topic EFIS Redundancy
    Yesterday I was messing around with panel layout. The boss (wife) looked at it and told me I have to have some steam gauges for when the electrical system fails. I really don't think any redundancy is...
  • Fellow BCP junkies, In the spirit of our host's recent suggestion of creating trip reports as individual topics, I've decided to go out on a limb (for me) and figure out how to share my 2015 Idaho trip....
    2 days ago