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    3 minutes ago
  • So..... Has anyone noticed that the amount of posting about day to day flying and excursions has been diminishing? It seems like there are a lot less trip reports, pictures, and video's popping up...
    1 hours 15 minutes ago
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    8 hours 30 minutes ago
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    Central Oz
    14 hours 45 minutes ago
  • Cooperd0g created a new forum topic American Champion Wide Rear Seat
    I have flown in RanchPilot's PA-12 a couple of times (thanks dude!). My wife and I were able to squeeze in the back together. I wouldn't want to fly all day like that, but for my wife and kid it might...
    16 hours 10 minutes ago
  • RoughAir created a new forum topic Cool Landing at Iron Bar
    Thought you guys would enjoy watching this landing that I did last weekend with some friends up in the Devils Playground in Northern California Mike
    23 hours 35 minutes ago
  • I am curious about the ability of an owner to strip out non-essential equipment/seats/paneling from a certified airplane without an A&P or approval. Is this possible, or must everything stay as is? What...
    23 hours 35 minutes ago
  • Howdy All, I'm putting up my Citabria for sale to make way for the 172 project. The basics: 1970 7GCBC Citabria (~2600TTAF) 150HP Lycoming O-320 (~250SMOH, 2014) Flaps Heel brakes Double Puck...
  • One advant6age of flying in the Washington, DC area is that we are blessed with so many wonderful restricted and prohibited flight areas such as Camp David, Maryland, and more. Now it looks like Backcountry...
    2 days ago
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    3 days ago
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  • Anyone know who sells the kit for the early dual exhaust systems that has the spring/bushing and bolt to support the exhaust pipe to the firewall on the early dual exhaust 180's? Thanks Gary
    3 days ago
  • Hello, Got a question for the collective wisdom here. First the backstory. Last year I took the landing gear off my homebuilt aiplane in a landing incident. I couldn't repair it myself so the insurance...
    3 days ago
  • Zzz created a new forum topic BCP support
    A member here recently notified me that while trying to cancel their BCP support subscription, they had a hell of a time. I'm extremely appreciate of the help that many of you provide, and the last thing...
    3 days ago
  • 54c180 created a new forum topic C-180 floatplane cracks
    Working on a 1958 C180 floatplane now. No logbook records (goes back to mid 60's) to show that it has ever been on wheels. Cracks found on bulkhead STA 90 above the rear float fittings ... above the...
    5 days ago
  • Barnstormer created a new forum topic Madera > Santa Fe > Spicewood
    In the morning it will be time to head home. Planning a different route going back wanting to spend tomorrow night in Santa Fe, New Mexico which is my favorite city in the world. Hopefully the weather...
    5 days ago
  • I am fiddling with the idea of making a few videos here for BCP. I have been thinking about what kinds of music to add. It seems the right music can add the right touch. Likewise, choosing poorly can...
    5 days ago