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  • youngan created a new forum topic Looking for Co-Pilot to Alaska
    Hi, I'm heading back to Alaska on or about April 20th, and seeking someone to come along to help defray the costs. If you have always wanted to do the flight to Alaska, but haven't because you didn't...
    52 minutes ago
  • c180pilot created a new forum topic Google ads-b Looks like Google wants to sell drones so they are going to make a low cost ads-b out system.
    3 hours 3 minutes ago
  • Neb12 and 15 others have joined the group Colorado
  • soyAnarchisto is friends with MTNWEST
  • I am sure all of us on here are aware of, but I am always in awe when I see announcements like this from them. Having worked extensively with the BLM here in Colorado and Texas, I can't tell...
    13 hours 14 minutes ago
  • Squash created a new forum topic Faulty ignition harness lead
    I have a Continental IO-520D with Bendix mags and about 300 hours on the mags and wiring harness. Started having intermittent spark problems and tracked it down to a bad harness lead. Any reason why...
    22 hours 11 minutes ago
  • 175 magnum created a new forum topic Sandpiper and Rowenas
    Somebody was asking about the Sandpiper Golf coarse and Rowenas restaurant so I thought I would link up to a video by Lloyd Reimers. It is a great place to fly for a meal. some golf , some good fishing...
  • NoCOpilot created a new forum topic Desser 27/10-8 Tundra Tire
    We finally received the new Desser 27 inch tires last week, and got them on the S-6 last Saturday. These replaced some 21 inch smooth Nanco tires that worked fine, they just weren't quite big enough....
  • Pics? I assume up north/east on the South Platte?
  • We need to stay away from Ponds for the forseeable future. Some ijit in a choppa spooked the neighbors horse and done ruined it for us! ;-) I keep seeing pictures of planes parked on gravel bars on the south platte - but no idea where/how they get there.
  • TurboStinson created a new forum topic WTB: TKM MX12
    I want to buy a good used TKM MX-12 Nav / Comm to replace my Narco MK12A Thanks, Brian
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  • Lake Hattie is a good tip. This looks suspiciously like an old strip although overgrown now:°14'08.7"N+105°54'12.3"W/@41.235739,-105.903431,777m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x0
  • akgreg created a new forum topic Looking for A&P near Nampa Idaho
    I'm looking for an A&P with a bias toward Cessnas :D to look at an airplane in Nampa, ID. for me as it is a long way from Kenai, AK. Please call or text me @ 907-690-1219. Thanks
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  • Hell yeah. Good luck man!
  • Barnstormer created a new forum topic Stratus ADS-B Out
    Appareo, the makers of Stratus, are building an ADS-B out device named Stratus ESG. No other information yet but you can sign up for notifications at:
  • AnP and 3 others have joined the group Cessna 150 Taildraggers
  • Hasting Field is going through an ownership change and is currently closed. There is a good chance it will reopen after some items are cleared with the new owners. Here is a link to a video of the annual...
    2 days ago
  • tonyflhx created a new forum topic WTB: C-170B
    I'm looking for a C-170B located in the upper midwest. I'm located in South Central MN. I would prefer a 55' model with 180hp. That said, I would consider other model years and with factory engine, and...
    2 days ago