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  • Hozer uploaded a new avatar.
    7 hours 18 minutes ago
  • This prop came with the '63 182F I bought in October. I've changed the engine and the prop so this is surplus to my needs. The seller says he bought it last year for US$5,000 so in keeping with the...
    13 hours 33 minutes ago
  • EZFlap created a new forum topic FuelMat new product
    Pursuant to a suggestion made in another (closed) thread, regarding starting a new thread on this "spinoff" subject, I reached out to the company producing the Grypmat. Since I had not heard anything one...
    14 hours 29 minutes ago
  • hotrod180 created a new forum topic thread drift
    I've seen some gripes about "thread drift"-- some by the original posters in threads, some by others. Recently the thread about the Grypmat was locked, with the following comment: "Locking this thread,...
    17 hours 27 minutes ago
  • whee created a new forum topic B&C BC320 Starter
    Does anyone know why the BC433 Starter does not fit the O300D? From the O300 overhaul manual: "The 0-300-C engine is identical to the 0-300-A except for ARP 502 Type I flanged propeller shaft and...
    18 hours 34 minutes ago
  • flynbeekeeper created a new forum topic Rans S-18
    Anybody have one? Flown one? Curious how they fly, look like lots of fun!
    20 hours 1 minutes ago
  • rodhilton uploaded a new Profile cover
    20 hours 35 minutes ago
  • Bagarre created a new forum topic (Yet Another) Cessna 170 project
    Hi all, I finally figured out how to post photos here :oops: so I thought I'd start my own refurb thread. She's a 1952 Cessna 170 barn find that only has 1,400 hours total time and has sat bathed...
  • motoadve created a new forum topic Mt Stuart WA
  • GumpAir created a new forum topic Gene Cernan final flight 1-15-2016
    Sad news. I met him down at Simcom in Scottsdale many years ago in a Cessna 400 series initial class. If I remember right, he had just bought a Cessna 421. Great guy to talk to, and a class act. Gump
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  • Grassstrippilot uploaded a new Profile cover
    2 days ago
  • pacerpilot created a new forum topic Chicken Strip In Good Condition
    After all the rain California has had the Chicken Strip is in good condition.I have been in contact with Lizard Lee at the springs and he says the strip is looking good. A fellow BCP'er flew over yesterday...
    2 days ago
  • robw56 uploaded a new avatar.
    3 days ago
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  • A fun gravel bar, winter weather gives great performance, takes off quite quickly. Nose came up quicker than anticipated the first time :oops: VghSjv0L4Rw
    3 days ago
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  • DeltaRomeo created a new forum topic Manifold Pressure at altitudes
    What manifold pressure should be seen at 7000', 9000', and 11000'? At 7000' MSL and better I don't see anything higher than about 20" (mostly 19"). I know that once you reach about 7000' altitude a normally...
    4 days ago
  • Some of you may recall some scam attempts that came to light last year, where members who had posted in the Marketplace were contacted by outside/unknown parties. The scams were identified, but the damage...
    4 days ago