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  • Thanks for the pics, DP. Staring at a dirty tail spring is sort of like staring at a dog's butt... not the prettiest part. Jim
    7 minutes ago
  • Jim- Email sent
    20 minutes ago
  • Sorry to beat a dead horse but I have one more question. I ordered the L-19 leaf spring but the bracket that surrounds the bottom three leaves is just a hair to small to be able to pass the through bolt. Air Repair recommends bending the bolt. I guess the other option is to elongate the holes in...
    1 hours 4 minutes ago
  • Here's video of Jeb Corliss trying to fly a wingsuit BACK INSIDE a Pilatus Porter. :shock: Here's the video of the only time it has...
    1 hours 36 minutes ago
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  • mtv created a new forum topic Kevin, was this you guys?
    Good job of cooperation by local outfits to get the job done. Glad to see that local resources were volunteered to help someone in trouble. MTV
    4 hours 45 minutes ago
  • Jumper uploaded a new Profile cover
    9 hours 19 minutes ago
  • Hello guys, I'm new here. Been flying for years and flying Van's RVs lately (airobatics,) but I have the Cessna 180 or Maule bug for some back country flying. I hope to join you for some future flying. Also, note that the closed Milino Cafe has now re-opened.
    10 hours 52 minutes ago
    OregonMaule Hello Nick: welcome aboard. Where is home? Where are your planes based. I live in the triangle between Troutdale Gresham Sandy. The Maule is at Troutdale. my hangar mate has a Vans 7A. Cheers...Rob
    5 hours 1 minutes ago
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  • hey guys...dates for j.c.are......?
    15 hours 15 minutes ago
  • highroad created a new forum topic TR: Chukar Flats
    Finally had the chance to load up the kids and head out for the weekend! My wife was out of town for meetings, so the kids, dog, and I figured we needed a little tent time. I had hoped to head for...
    16 hours 46 minutes ago
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    17 hours 7 minutes ago
  • piperpainter created a new forum topic Orcas Island, WA (KORS)
    Rob, Stacey & Aubrey came to visit us up in WA! It was a good time and beer was drank! They arrived Friday and we hit up the Airways brewery. Rob got an awesome shirt that he later discovered had a hot...
    18 hours 23 minutes ago
  • tanker2 added a new comment in High Sierra
    Sounds great
    19 hours 24 minutes ago
  • pburns created a new forum topic Sort of spot landings
    Hey Guys, just shy of 200 hours and have learned SO much on this forum I figured I would get some advice. I was out in the 150 today doing some pattern work in breezy conditions (Right at the edge of my...
    20 hours 1 minutes ago
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  • gassman created a new forum topic FS: maule gear
    As removed from 1988 mx-7. No damage. Includes oleo tubes but not springs or tops. I upgraded to extended gear. $1000 plus shipping.
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  • rw2 created a new forum topic Mexican ATC Tried To Kill Me (Again)
    With photos and video at: Santiago picked me up at about 9 to give me a ride to the airport. He’s a cool guy. Has lived in US, Mexico and France, trilingual. Flew ultralights...