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  • Evening flight out over the water... zK3Ok0Jjwqw
    4 hours 30 minutes ago
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    6 hours 26 minutes ago
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    6 hours 27 minutes ago
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    6 hours 27 minutes ago
  • EZFlap created a new forum topic Bob Hoover Flies West
    Just saw this posted on another av forum, apparently Bob Hoover has passed away at 94 years old. RIP Bob Hoover, you inspired millions of us.
    7 hours 38 minutes ago
  • romaja created a new forum topic Rans S-20 Build with Pictures
    Just completed and now flying my Rans S-20 Raven. It is located at 1W1 Camas Grove Field. In phase 1 testing currently. If you see me out and about in the PNW, please say hello! Jim Link Below:
    8 hours 17 minutes ago
  • Crzyivan13 created a new forum topic Jack Up Your Cessna- AV-Jack
    Just a PSA. I found this little guy today. Thought it was pretty cool and worth sharing. I couldn't find a price. Bushwheel friendly! 162639959
    8 hours 21 minutes ago
  • rw2 created a new forum topic Bob Hoover
    12 hours 21 minutes ago
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    15 hours ago
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  • LBC970 created a new forum topic Trouble finding a video...
    Hi guys, someone please let me know if I am not supposed to do this here, I wasn't sure. I'm looking for a video posted a while back of some serious river flying, I think out of Ohio but I could be...
  • Timberwolf created a new forum topic Navworx- FAA Proposed AD
    In the hype of the install now to get functionality promises I was one of the early ones to get in line for the Navworx system which is one of the cheapest on the market offering ADSB in/out. It took a...
  • DonC created a new forum topic Float season over
    Float season over in Anchorage...Ice on lake , temps in teens, planes tied down for the long winter sleep. #-o Time for vacation =D>
  • HighCountryIdaho commented on the photo IMG_8661
    Not too often you get Johnson's Creek all to yourself.
  • whee created a new forum topic Hunting with a Muzzleloader
    My deer hunt was scrapped because of a work issue. It was supposed to be my introduction to muzzleloader hunting. For years I've wanted to do a muzzleloader only elk hunt but since I've never been successful...
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  • Any knowledge of the conditions of these strips is welcomed. Planning a trip in a week or so, anyone who wants to join is welcomed. OR: Owyhee, Memaloose, Minam, Red's Horse Ranch, Chukar Flats, Lands...
  • wavzeeee shared a photo in the wavzeeee's Photos album
    Annual, SIDS, spin on filter, engine mount, nose fork and tyres finally finished. Test flight tomorrow...
  • Sidewinder created a new forum topic High Sierra updates- lack of
    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ve been scouring SM sites, YouTube and Vimeo for wtf is going on at HS-2016, with little results. High Sierra has become the Mecca, the burning Man of the Back...
    2 days ago