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  • mtv created a new forum topic Patrick Romano at MT Aviation Conference
    Patrick Romano, who has posted several very good instructional videos in the the knowledge base on this website presented a GREAT program on back country landing approaches at the Montana Aviation Conference...
    53 minutes ago
  • Barnstormer created a new forum topic First R409 in SQ-12
    This is super exciting. The R409 I mean going into a SQ-12. A bad ass motor by ACE Performance. The cylinders are the obvious clue. As...
    5 hours 23 minutes ago
  • Glidergeek added a new comment in STOL Tips: Going around
    Patric thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge. I didn't see any advice on trim settings for a landing approach gone bad. In the almost 500 hours in the C180 with the Pponk engine I've never done a emergency go around. I'm very aware that a full power go around situation is going to produce
    6 hours 56 minutes ago
  • Picked these up about six years ago, seller had gotten them from a salvage but didn't know history. You can see the date of manufacture of the components in the pictures (1997/8). I intended to put them...
    7 hours 4 minutes ago
  • C170B Pilot sorry I didn't see your post. There is something weird in the Event section where the creator of the event can't see posts if logged in. I keep forgetting to check here while logged out. In answer to your question, no, you don't need to reserve a camping spot. See ya there. :-)
    8 hours 39 minutes ago
  • Zzz created a new forum topic WTB: O-540-B4XX core/runout/high time
    Hey all, I'm looking for a Lycoming O-540 core to use as the basis for my rebuild. Specifically, the B4B5 or close. Been poring over the salvage websites, Ebay, etc. The pickings are slim. I figure it's...
    17 hours 14 minutes ago
  • TurboStinson created a new forum topic Moving an STC Between Aircraft
    Comrades, I am looking at re-powering my Stinson 108-3 With an engine conversion out of a wrecked airplane a 108-2, the STC is no longer supported (so as to my understanding), can STC paper work be...
    17 hours 28 minutes ago
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  • contactflying added a new comment in Mountain flying
    Under "Negotiating Terrain" could you cover the sources of energy, other than engine thrust, that we might utilize in mountain flying? Gravity thrust of altitude can be a useful backup to engine power if we take off toward lower terrain. Gravity thrust of altitude can also be used to prevent load
    19 hours 55 minutes ago
  • Looks like good weather coming for Sunday. I am thinking about running over to check out Day Break Sunday morning. I have not been there before, do I need to get prior permission from the owner to land there? Or is he ok with planes just stopping in?

    Anyone want to meet up? Perhaps there is a good breakfast spot near there?

    21 hours 34 minutes ago
    OregonMaule Me and the misses will be at Pacific City Feb 28 March 1 if you get that far Ken and ????. 5037201917 call me if you come down.
    4 hours 14 minutes ago
  • motoadve created a new forum topic Cyl #1 high EGTs and CHTs
    I have changed nothing, and for the last 15 hrs or so #1 cyl is getting hotter. While in cruise EGTs rises to about about 1,600 and CHT rises above 380 then I enrichen it and open a bit cowl flaps to...
    22 hours 24 minutes ago
  • 8GCBC created a new forum topic (3) Weeks until Spring (Equinox)
    2015-03-20:22:45:00 GMT we enter Spring from Winter. Just three weeks away, that was a fast. I started to compose some lyrics this mornings... "..Oh..Kona, here I come, right back where I started...
  • Zzz replied to a comment in Mountain flying
    Thanks Cary, will incorporate some of these ideas.
  • Hi all! I've got about two weeks in july this year, 13th thru 25th (ish), to play a game, and the name of the game is explore the south east bit of alaska! Here's the question: ferry or 172? Here's...
  • M6RV6 created a new forum topic Pilot Bill of rights 2 / medical MAYBE!!??
  • Hey guys. Thought I would check the Back county site out. I start on the IV in a few weeks.
    bbs428 I'm just north of Webb City, Mo. Joplin regional airport (KJLN) is 15 min. away. Building in my 35x70 shop. Just have to finish a 67 mustang convertible that's sucking up floor space and sell it.
    The 1994 Speedster was found 20 min. south of me. I pick it up in a few weeks. It's still new and mostly untouched.
    I plan to install a 912is or uls. All depends how much I get out of the mustang and if I can actually write a check for the firewall forward without a melt down...! :)
    7 hours 53 minutes ago
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