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  • What are the typical opening dates for the various Idaho backcountry airstrips and drainages for a small-wheeled cessna?
    51 minutes ago
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    3 hours 27 minutes ago
  • Great story. Your reputation precedes you. I was told by the surly bearded Arctec guy (his name escapes me) and the sassy lumberjack gal about the Cherokee driver who made a successful go-around. I frequented Sparravhon for several years in Security's Navajos and Conquests. In the Navajo, I dism
    3 hours 43 minutes ago
  • denalipilot created a new forum topic Harrison Ford Accident
    I'm very sorry to see this in the news. Hoping it's just bumps and bruises.
    3 hours 54 minutes ago
  • Just saw this on the news. Hope he is ok. One of the best spokesmen/ GA advocate there is.
    3 hours 54 minutes ago
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  • I suggest adding a landing gear configuration to the list of items to consider. Tricycle gear versus tail dragger is an old subject but a necessary consideration for any aircraft purchase since numerous designs can be configured either way. I expect it will be a somewhat colorful discussion betwee
    5 hours 12 minutes ago
  • I know I'm asking for the best of both worlds in one package. I'm thinking the CH-701 on their own design Zenith floats might work, as it retains the mono spring gear and single full size nose wheel. Looking...
    10 hours 25 minutes ago
  • NMXWinds created a new forum topic JPI Vs EI
    Since purchasing my C180 a few years ago I have installed a few single function JPI instruments (fuel flow, EGT, CHT), but am now upgrading my panel and will be replacing all of my legacy engine gauges...
    14 hours 14 minutes ago
  • I saw on another forum a while back, this kid asking about flying into an airport in the mountains. I really wanted to link him to this page, but alas it's just not complete. As...
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  • Zzz created a new forum topic Thank you to the BCP supporters
    I want to thank and provide a little recognition for everyone who has supported BCP with advertising and financial donations over the last 6 months. I can't express my appreciation enough. You guys are...
  • Clark created a new forum topic Hidden Splendor Airstrip, Utah
    For those of you unfamiliar with the San Rafael Swell in Central / Eastern Utah, it's one of the more amazing places for backcountry flying. Mexican Mountain is not only one of my favorite places to hike...
  • There was a midair at one of the fly-ins at a back country airstrip (I don't remember which state). It killed both pilots. Can any one tell me which strip?
    neoflyer It was last year so it wasn't the Johnson Creek accident.
  • TurboStinson created a new forum topic FS: 1967 Cherokee 6 300
    4500 TT 1200 SMOH by Lycoming in 1995 airplane sat for 12 years, and I have put 20K into it this last year to get it Into annual well almost into annual all is done but some seat belt stuff I am waiting...
  • Hello everyone, new member from Virginia. I currently operate my 1959 Tri-Pacer from a grass strip on camping trips and Fly-ins but have no back country experience. Looking forward to learning from this group.