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    170s in the Wrangells

    Two big-engine Cessna 170s venture out to the edge of the Wrangell-St.Elias region in search of the Alaska backcountry flying experience. Read More
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Engines and Propellers
hotrod180 1 minute ago View the latest post You're building a new Exp engine. What choices do you make?
I would third the lower compression. Then even 85/87 becomes no big deal - less $$ and is widely available. 235hp is plenty adequate for a Bearhawk.
Re flexibility-- besides availability,...
Trip Reports
RanchPilot 2 minutes ago View the latest post Where did you fly today?
Now this is what I call "clear on top" !!!
hotrod180 12 minutes ago View the latest post I finaly own an airplane
.... next winter I will probably be looking for an o-200.....
Congratulations on the new airplane. As I recall, most 140A's had the C90-- which most folks think is a better engine than...
slowmover 16 minutes ago View the latest post extended baggage/ firewall battery on 180
I did all that work in 2012, minus the firewall battery. Well worth it. I lost 18 lbs in the process.
Ripped out all the old Cessna interior and replaced it with Selkirk foam (but...
hotrod180 19 minutes ago View the latest post Cessna 180 Rudder Pedals
Even though I have small feet, I had a similar problem with the pedals in my skywagon. Full pedal deflection got me some (unwanted) braking, even with my heels on the floor. It's like...
Projects: Homebuilding and Restoration
jrc111 58 minutes ago View the latest post Project. Straight tail 182. Pponk
Excellent job! I'm in the process of P-ponking the O-470K in my C180B and that's great info. You don't happen to know of a less expensive source for the seaplane engine mounts, do...
Aircraft Types
Crenshaw Today, 06:57am View the latest post C-140
At the risk of drifting this thread slightly, I have to ask: what is it about the 140 that makes it so much more attractive than an early 150? (Minus the obvious gear placement.) There's...

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Alaskan bush pilot and photographer Arturo Polo-Ena

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Bush Flying Library

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