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    Flirting with mountains

    Pilot and author Garrett Fisher touches upon his flirtations with mountain flying, a voyeur of the massive 14,000+ peaks of the Rockies that he now calls home after a journey west in his 100hp Piper PA-11. Read More
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Around the Campfire
AK_Logan Yesterday, 22:29pm View the latest post Photo thread: Show Us Your Plane!

I assume that you're talking about flight testing. Fifty hours? I'd always heard it was a 40 hour flight test requirement for AB experimentals, maybe less if you have a certificated...
AK_Logan Yesterday, 22:17pm View the latest post WTB: Cessna 180
http://anchorage.craigslist.org/rvs/4990389686.html. Might be to far away. But a really nice 180 with a fresh motor.
Around the Campfire
hotrod180 Yesterday, 22:02pm View the latest post Dumb camping question.
Just make sure at least one of the people you go camping with runs slower than you do. If they're all fleet of foot, a good kick in the shins can work wonders.
gbflyer Yesterday, 21:05pm View the latest post Research thread for building SQ2 -BackcountryCub
You don't have to paint it and some of the colors are slightly translucent. It can be painted.
No, paint is not cheap. I have $3K in Superflite System 3 urethane primer and topcoats...
Float flying
NineThreeKilo Yesterday, 19:52pm View the latest post Rivers, ramps and new homes, oh my!
Here is a picture of the ramp our flying club uses for the Cub. It is made out of used light poles and rough sawn lumber, very inexpensive and gets the job done.
Engines and Propellers
hotrod180 Yesterday, 19:32pm View the latest post interesting feature of the TCM IO-240 engine
Googled it. The O240 was used in the Reims 150. Higher compression, 130hp at 2800. 30% more hp than the O200 but only 12% more weight. The O200 is 2/3 of the C-145/ O300, the O/IO240...
Products, Gear, and Technology
denalipilot Yesterday, 18:42pm View the latest post Spring Gear Jack Pad
You can get UHMW sticky tape from McMaster Carr to line the contact surfaces of any of these jack pads. They'll pop off easily with no paint damage. Do use a backup clamp or a retaining...
Around the Campfire
CapnMike Yesterday, 17:51pm View the latest post Johnson Creek new shower trailer
Hey Jo,
As far as I know, nothing formal is being planned. I think that a handful of us will be there that last weekend in June.
Allegedly. Informally. At least, we are planning on...

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Alaskan bush pilot and photographer Arturo Polo-Ena

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Bush Flying Library

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