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    Attention deficit: Alaska

    Editor Zane Jacobson returns to Alaska for the annual sojourn to the Airmen Association show, with the newly added challenge of having the family in tow. Read More
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Trip Reports
Rob Yesterday, 22:54pm View the latest post Just buy a Skywagon
Another sucker buys into the hype...
Waiting for a couple friends to workout some computer glitches on an engine monitor a couple days back in Valdez, I glanced up at the glacier...
Theory, Practice, and Procedures
Kitfox5 Yesterday, 21:33pm View the latest post Flaps to climb?
Thanks for all the great input. I really appreciate the constructive discussions. There is a lot of experience here.
Live to Tell
TulBiplane Yesterday, 21:20pm View the latest post Cool New Movie Trailer for "Sully"; Clint Eastwood Director
I didn't realize he underwent such scrutiny for the decision. Is that true? Or are they making a movie to overdramatize it?
I remember Jeff Skiles being critized in the press for not...
Flying Humor
Denali Yesterday, 21:20pm View the latest post Pilots love cars too!
Hotrod180 wrote
"Fill the oil, check the fuel."Now that was good !
Trip Reports
propeller26 Yesterday, 21:18pm View the latest post Where did you fly today?
http://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20160702/094606f0a8ee7aa7f1699f21ef272b74.jpg 1st time to Wilson Bar. Awesome strip!
Aircraft Types
RMEAV8R Yesterday, 19:49pm View the latest post Any back country experience in a Cherokee?
Previous replies pretty much nail cherokee performance. There are the obvious, get comfortable with slow flight, being able to hit your desired spot on landing,and being able to arrest...
Bushcraft and survival
MountainFlyerN22 Yesterday, 19:11pm View the latest post Favorite lock blade pocket knife?
Lots of nice folders on this thread. I have a feeling that I'm going to end up with another knife. That's not a bad thing, right?
Normally when in my pocket is a cheap swiss army...
Around the Campfire
hotrod180 Yesterday, 18:30pm View the latest post Tailwheel CFI needed in Durango, CO!
What he said.
IMHO inside (almost) every 170 owner is a 180 owner trying to get out.
You'll be glad you took the plunge.

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