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    Photo pilot: Six questions with Leonardo Correa Luna

    Professional pilot and aviation photographer Leonardo Correa Luna is our first quarter 2017 featured photographer. Get to know the Uruguay native and Cessna 170 pilot as he answers my questions about flying and photography.

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Backcountry destinations

Learn about backcountry airports and off-airport operations from around the world.


Backcountry aircraft

Bush planes and aircraft that are ideal for backcountry flying, including popular modifications and accessories.


Backcountry piloting

Techniques and procedures for negotiating the unique flight environment of the backcountry.

Safety & Survival

Backcountry safety and survival

Self-sufficiency in the absence of civilization is a critical skillset for pilots.

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RKTX 28 minutes ago View the latest post Panel mounted iPad - Cessna 180?
My current Panel Layout, iPad Mini with the RAM Mount. Works great.
Aviation Regulation and Law
175 magnum Today, 04:52am View the latest post Basic Med not in Canada
Canadian Owners and Pilots Association - COPA
February 14 at 1:05pm
As planning for the summer flying season gets underway, we have been getting lots of questions from our southern...
Accident Analysis
mike b Yesterday, 22:12pm View the latest post Use checklists
Gas, undercarriage, mixture, prop. There is more than gear to the checklist.
"There are those who have, and those who will."
Products, Gear, and Technology
akgreg Yesterday, 19:52pm View the latest post ADS-B in Alaska? HELL YES
I am all for lively discussions about why this and not that, etc. When it turns into basically someone continuing to tell others they are an idiot, well why not just kindly STFU. The...
Around the Campfire
richpiney Yesterday, 19:42pm View the latest post Joined the straight tail club today
It's a great airplane, I looked it over structurally pretty carefully in Hamilton last fall. Also did a little work on it at ACSR in Stevensville a few years ago.
If I wasn't in the...
hotrod180 Yesterday, 18:05pm View the latest post ASTM Spec D4814, D6227
Over the last 22 years, I've owned four airplanes and had mogas STC's on all of them.
I've never worried about whether the mogas I buy meets the referenced specs,
any more than I worry...
Maintenance, Tuning, and Parts Support
whynotfly Yesterday, 17:07pm View the latest post Latest Kenmore Beaver
I believe the Seahawks constructed a dock so that "really tall customer" could fly in to the training facility located on Lake Washington.
BTW, a small piece of trivia involving...
DVD and Book Reviews
AKJurnee Yesterday, 05:53am View the latest post "Red Platoon A True Story of American Valor"
A couple Guys in my platoon were in the Korengal documentary, one of them is on the cover. and those are the guys who I was open ears to during training. They passed on lots of good...
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