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  • As always, what a great write up Z. You were able to successfully balance the pleasures of traveling north with the company of a little one. Hats off - that's no easy task .... or should we give Erin all the credit? Regardless, you were able to once again make many of us extremely jealous. Hopefull
    1 hours 11 minutes ago
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    5 hours 35 minutes ago
  • bigrenna created a new forum topic Ski Vid...
    Kudos for this one... Sure is purty. 167490658
    5 hours 55 minutes ago
  • Mn avidflyer created a new forum topic Anyone recognize these wheels?
    A friend of mine was cleaning out his parents garage now that they have both passed away. He found these airplane wheels, they fit a 20"x4.4" tire. One box was never opened. The father never had anything...
    6 hours 4 minutes ago
  • In case anyone is interested, Allen, me and my family are heading down to camp at Ibex this Friday night (May 27th). Just brats, smores, and hanging out.
    8 hours 8 minutes ago
  • tedwaltman added a new comment in Attention deficit: Alaska
    Wonderful story written with a professional author's talent. Excellent adventure Z! Thank you for sharing!
    8 hours 56 minutes ago
  • Oregon180 added a new comment in Attention deficit: Alaska
    Terrific article and beautiful trip! So glad Erin and baby could join you.
    9 hours 45 minutes ago
  • acroflyrgirl created a new forum topic CO to AZ next week
    I've got long weekend, a new plane to play with and a need to move it of course that opens up so many possibilities. Looking for ideas on where to stop, to visit or camp or even motel it along...
    12 hours 59 minutes ago
  • Crzyivan13 created a new forum topic Attention Deficit: Alaska
    Zane's AK Trip Report is up on the homepage. Its a good one too. What its all about. Well done,...
    13 hours 37 minutes ago
  • Crzyivan13 added a new comment in Attention deficit: Alaska
    Well done, my friend. This trip report is my new favorite. I have personally realized over the past year that the equipment and transportation are only a part of the story. The real story is in the experience, and the memories made with the people you care about. You have embodied that sentimen
    13 hours 40 minutes ago
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  • Rezrider created a new forum topic FS/WTB/Trade?Donate?
    So this might be a little different to what you usually see in this section so bear with me! I have a box of stuff that I no longer need that someone here might put to good use. Also, I'm planning...
  • Scolopax created a new forum topic How to preflight a Cirrus
    There is some very good insight presented here :lol: :lol: :lol:
  • Does anyone have the field approval paperwork for an 8GCBC Scout and the new Desser Aero Classic 31-11-10 tundra tires with 10" wheels ???
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