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  • Hello all, We got 250hrs over TBO out of the -J engine on the '55 C180 and in the process of pricing out an overhaul came across a freshly overhauled -R engine at the engine shop for just the right...
    11 hours 20 minutes ago
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    The new girl. No mods - yet.
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  • My two most common instructional situations caused me to have a horizontal more than vertical orientation: Teaching in very low powered airplanes at very high density altitude airports all day rather...
    20 hours 5 minutes ago
  • I am hoping there are some experts in the house on this. Building a pusher the fuel tank is in the fuse behind the seats . Not wanting to use the twin plastic 5 gallon cans in the original design I plan...
    20 hours 57 minutes ago
  • DEGJR created a new forum topic ADC Oil Filter Screen
    I have an Air Development Corporation screen oil filter (STC# SA7162NM) on my O-470. The rubber gasket around the center hole is starting to come off. I am trying to find a supplier of spare parts for...
    23 hours 27 minutes ago
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  • HighCountryIdaho commented on the photo image.
    Nothing like a 5:00 am hike in the beautiful Sawtooths. One of the many reasons to love Idaho!
  • rw2 created a new forum topic Summer in Wisconsin
    Any BCPers in the greater Wisconsin area these days? I'm here for a couple months.
  • Henny created a new forum topic Video: Hallo Bay River Ops
    Some footage of working the Hallo Bay River in Katmai National Park. b2Wo1sdiDew
  • soyAnarchisto created a new forum topic Gimbal Me This
    Has anyone tried adding a 3-d brushless dc motor gimbal to their aircraft to stabilize video? This one is made with rubber mounting for R/C aircraft - looks like it could be retrofitted to an inspection...
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  • We needed a weekend getaway. The weather looked great for a trip somewhere, but where and time to decide was short.. I tossed out several ideas and Powers seemed to be on the top of the list, not too...
    2 days ago
  • wavzeeee shared a photo in the wavzeeee's Photos album
    Goldfields fun - old disused strip. My one compliant about the Wilga was its small tyres for its size and weight. But she didn't have many knots to spare as it was...
    2 days ago
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    2 days ago
  • What?!? I can't hear a damned thing!
  • TxAgfisher created a new forum topic First time GoPro-ing
    Headed out to the fly in this weekend. l8z6cPqKrvg
    2 days ago
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    3-character N-number, nice.
  • I'm currently on about hour 12 or so on my new to me 1956 C-180. I have been flying since 1987 but only got my ppl in 1997 and haven't flown much, around 120 hours. Jan/Feb got my tailwheel, and took...
    2 days ago