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  • hotrod180 created a new forum topic FS Avion rams horn yokes
    FOR SALE: one pair Avion rams horn yokes for Cessna 180. New, never installed. Adjustable up-and-down, drilled for PTT (or whatever) swiitches. No paperwork. $250 + shipping.
    4 hours 23 minutes ago
  • hotrod180 created a new forum topic FS glare shield
    FOR SALE: Glare shield with eyebrow panel lighting. Purchased for a 1954 C180 but not used. $100 + shipping. Not sure what the grill in the center is for but it shouldn't hurt anything. As you can...
    4 hours 30 minutes ago
  • akflyr182b created a new forum topic governor failure at 585 hrs Just pulled this off the Maule 585 hrs total time since 2007. It looks as though the composite material...
    5 hours 12 minutes ago
  • denalipilot created a new forum topic Flying American Samoa
    Recently I had a chance to travel to American Samoa, and to the Manu'a Island group in the eastern portion of the territory. Manu'a is comprised of Ofu, Olosega, and Ta'u islands. Hawaiian Airlines goes...
    5 hours 33 minutes ago
  • mtv created a new forum topic Jim Rearden
    Jim Rearden passed away recently. Jim was many things, including one of the most prolific authors of Alaskan works ever. Jim's book "Shadows on the Koyukuk" told Sidney Huntington's life story, as well...
    12 hours 32 minutes ago
  • Anyone else see this? So what needs to be done? Is this the initial steps to a possible AD? CESSNA DOORPOST CRACKS PROMPT FAA CONCERN February 22, 2017 By AOPA ePublishing staff Doorpost cracking...
    16 hours 17 minutes ago
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    17 hours 44 minutes ago
  • Crzyivan13 created a new forum topic Drones Chasing Skiing Super Cubs
    Little edit I made this week on Visnaw Lake near Wasilla, AK. Traffic was monitored, pilot was briefed, and spotter was following drone keeping visual contact. GBW3P8HDnpQ
  • akgreg created a new forum topic Mission to the Kurils
    Little known history of the Aleutian Islands involvement in WW2. Super detailed and excellent photographs.
  • akgreg created a new forum topic Indestructible
    Great WW2 aviation related book. Very well written.
  • Hi All- Wanted to let you all know of my schedule for wilderness medical classes for this year. Wilderness First Responder Recert., April 21,22,23, Durango, CO Wilderness First Responder, ...
  • You can easily get stuck in Cold Bay for days on end, lots of fog and wind at times. Look for very light colored bears around False Pass, Some real nice reindeer too.
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  • winger created a new forum topic 1975 180 Float Plane low time
    FS: 1975 180J Skywagon and Floats, $123,900 New bladders and annual TT about 2840, 88" seaplane prop about 330 s-new, no nicks. 0470-S TSMO about 550, by Bolduc + balanced engine .never run out. Fact...
  • Zhomeguy shared a photo in the Zhomeguy's Photos album
    Sulpher Creek, ID last summer, can't wait to get back again!
    2 days ago
    Zhomeguy I've got 55 gallons useable. I can lean her back at altitude say 8500 to 10500 at maybe 12.5 gallons an hour since I've got a 6 cyl engine analyzer..but in all honesty 90% time I'm running 14 gallons an hour..Though I fly professionally, in this thing a 3 hour butt is more than enough! I've gone deep into Idaho on occasion with 10 gallons in the back and can still have local fun..I gain a huge performance increase for this airframe, which to me is a big safety factor.
    9 months ago
  • Barnstormer created a new forum topic Kenai to Cold Bay
    This summer I want to take the SQ2 and explore from Kenai to Cold Bay. I've been as far as the Kvichak River. For those that have flown to Cold Bay I'd appreciate any tips or suggestions on what to see...
    2 days ago
  • I'm seeking a qualified pilot to ferry a 170B from Nampa, Idaho to a field in the Portland area. If you know of someone that could help me, please have them give me a ring. Thank you, Terri 541-639-9045
    2 days ago
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