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  • rodhilton created a new forum topic New Cables
    I have not been able to pick up my new plane purchase due to poor weather, work schedule. Still looking like crap for another week too. My immediate maintenance is the replacement of Throttle, Mixture...
    12 hours 48 minutes ago
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    15 hours 59 minutes ago
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  • Rickshaw84 added a new comment in To Idaho
    I'm on the 3rd time watching... Thanks for the motivating video!
    18 hours 49 minutes ago
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  • DeltaRomeo created a new forum topic ADS-B and Canadian airspace
    It seems the Canadians won't be left out after all: Or...
  • I have tried unsuccessfully to get glider pilot collaboration on positive wind management in powered airplanes. Don't worry about looking dumb; I can teach you that in just a few posts. I will try...
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  • motoadve created a new forum topic PNW and Idaho flying.
  • Magnet added a new comment in To Idaho
    Throughly enjoyable. Great photos and video. I'm ging to do it this summer.
  • CopterKidTrent created a new forum topic Snow Play Video
    I shared this on the Big Tire Pilot facebook page but figured I should post it on here as well. A little fun on skis and tires on a snowy day on the California/Nevada border. Shot with the DJI Mavic...
  • This doesn't make sense to me. What do you all think:
  • mountainmatt added a new comment in To Idaho
    Fantastic article Evan. The video, pictures and narration were great. The emotion of the highs and lows really shine through and that's something we can all relate to during our first big backcountry adventure. Well done, epic trip report.
  • Here is an interesting article published just last month (December 2016) . “What Really Happens When a Drone Strikes an Airplane” I’m...
  • HighCountryIdaho added a new comment in To Idaho
    Great read Evan! I found myself flying along in my mind ... remembering back to the first time I felt the Idaho wilderness beckon. Its truly something that will never forgotten.
  • Bagarre created a new forum topic Modern ELT Options
    If you had an aircraft with no existing ELT, what ELT would you put in and why? Putting in the cheapest 121.5 ELT you can find seems like throwing away money and opportunity to me. But I don't know...
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  • ExperimentalAviator added a new comment in To Idaho
    Great read! Come west again some time!
  • dplunkt created a new forum topic Maule wing vs Piper wing
    I've heard that the Maule uses the same airfoil as the Pacer & Cub. If so and given they moved the aileron out to the end and lengthened the flaps did Maule do anything to strengthen the wing vs a Pacer...
    2 days ago