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  • CamTom12 created a new forum topic VFR cruising altitudes
    So... Today I was starting a nice flight back home at 3,000 ft to take advantage of a nice tailwind. I called the local approach controller shortly after take off and getting established at altitude...
    1 hours 54 minutes ago
  • I know I am getting old and senile. I also know that I have called the maneuver Google now calls "coordination rolls" Dutch Rolls for years and pilots all around the country have understood what I was...
    4 hours 22 minutes ago
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  • RKTX created a new forum topic Cessna Monarch Fuel Cap Screws?
    On our 58' 180, the screws that hold the Monarch Caps on are getting a tiny bit rusted, and we figure we better replace them before there stuck for good, however I haven't been able to find hardly any...
  • flyingzebra created a new forum topic FS: BAS belts for C180
    Set of two inertia reel harnesses from my Cessna 180. They are tan and are in very good shape with a small amount of smudging (from those times I was dripping sweat while on approach). I am replacing them...
  • wingnut185 created a new forum topic Best Folding Saw
    The best knife thread is great. It got me thinking that granddad's old bow saw needs to be replaced with a folding saw. Anyone have any favorites?
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  • Timberwolf created a new forum topic NAVWORX- Frustrated
    I ordered my Navworx ADSB system July 15 of this year. I was informed and knew prior to ordering it would be 3-4 weeks before it arrived, up to 8 weeks possible. No worries as I was still deployed and...
    2 days ago
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  • Icepick created a new forum topic Just Another Sunday
    Flyin' Dog, Smilin' Girl, some Air to Air with a Rans S6...Just Another Sunday! loTwyklXVXE
    2 days ago
  • Icepick created a new forum topic Watermelon Pickin'
    The subject says it all: kFEZyyM59Gs
    2 days ago
  • Flying from Airglades to Sundance Farms along the Caloosahatchee River, taking a dip in my pond, an encounter with an alligator, and back. sA_dQi-g_kM
    2 days ago
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