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  • Hi Im looking for idea’s on building a propane Engine pre Heater, I have power at the Hanger. If anyone has put one together Id appreciate the details. Also it might be useful to have one which doesn’t...
    3 hours 44 minutes ago
  • I'M pretty well settled in my new job here in AK. I had hoped that I would sell this home this past summer so I can move my plane up here and begin building or buying another home. I am finding that...
    4 hours 30 minutes ago
  • V1VRV2 created a new forum topic ABW 31’S MINIMUM PRESSURE
    Hello everyone I’ve got a set of 31 ABW on my airplane, currently inflated at 10psi ! recommended range is 8-20 I find they seem to be very stiff I haven’t tried 8 psi yet as I’m just trying to get...
    5 hours 19 minutes ago
  • 182 STOL driver created a new forum topic Las Vegas ,New Mexico ?
    Is anyone here at or Near Las Vegas ,New Mexico ? We need to get a old car ,truck or whatever too and from airport (LVS) to town . Would rent at reasonable rate . Motel 8 is our rally point and airport....
    17 hours 44 minutes ago
  • twflyer created a new forum topic Utah Pireps Requested, Please
    Some friends and I are heading to Utah in a few days. We are very excited to go and we are hoping to get some recent pireps about airstrip conditions. If anyone can pass on some recent knowledge, that...
    21 hours 2 minutes ago
  • Looking forward to joining you guys this year!!
    21 hours 26 minutes ago
  • Anyone in the central Alberta region (or anywhere for that matter) that wants to meet up this Saturday at the Saulteaux is located about 20 miles south of Slave Lake?

    A1Skinner I may be in Kevin. Depends if the combines are rolling or not. If not I think I'll try to make it for a bit. What time were you thinking?
    17 hours 43 minutes ago
  • Has anyone run into compatibility problems with the 26" Goodyear tires and clearance from the brake calipers? My wheels and brakes are the Cleveland 40-75b, which includes the 164-01501 brake disc. A...
  • magnum added a new comment in 170s in the Wrangells
    Nice article, another spot on my bucket list
  • Cub271 created a new forum topic CubCrafters at the Alaska State Fair
    I would like to extend an invitation to all BCP pilots to visit CubCrafters at the Alaska State Fair on going in Palmer, Alaska right now. We have a booth with a skeleton for our new EX-2 Carbon Cub...
  • Cam Tom 12, in his Alaska to Alabama posts, mentioned that his experimental Pacer had a stiff aluminum gear. He also mentioned sorting out 3pt and wheel landings. I liked the J-5 for an Ag dual trainer...
  • Battson created a new forum topic What sets the Franklin 220 apart?
    Can someone school me on the Franklin 220 engine: > what makes them different from other mid-200 horsepower engines in terms of their design? > are they any different, from an operational perspective? >...
  • Zhomeguy shared a photo in the album
    Any day your flying even if its work is a good day!
    Durry HI Mike
    It is for private use only, I'm looking forward to travelling in the outback and around the coast of Australia with it.
    11 months ago
  • BCFlyer and 15 others have joined the group Canada; Home of Tim Hortons, eh?
  • HighCountryIdaho and 34 others have joined the group Cessna 180/185 Skywagon
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  • Scolopax created a new forum topic Bozeman/Three Forks mechanic
    I am looking for a mechanic, or anyone who knows what they are looking at to inspect a used C185 horizontal stabilizer in the Bozeman/Three forks area. My mechanic is comfortable signing off on it....
  • TurboStinson created a new forum topic FS: Tri-Pacer doors
    Piper Tri-Pacer front and rear door $100.00 Brian 360-957-2083
    2 days ago
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    2 days ago