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Purchasing an aircraft can be a very simple process, but exercising maximum due diligence is highly suggested prior to completing a transaction. Many of the most popular bush plane aircraft are type certified models that were manufactured in the 1940's, 50's, and 60's, and are still flying today because of good maintenance and/or dedicated restorers. However, many aircraft have not been well maintained, yet still fly. It can be a very expensive and heartbreaking experience to purchase an aircraft that appears good on the outside, but contains many hidden maintenance items that must be addressed for continued safe flight.

What aircraft is right for me?

The age-old question of "what aircraft is right for me?" is one of the most popular topics in the forum, and rightly so. Choosing between 2 seats and 4 seats, LSA and Standard Category, and engine size, can really tax our dichotomizing brains. Often the question comes down to the owner's mission: What will you use the aircraft for 80% of the time? Will you mainly hop farm strips at low elevations? Or take the entire family camping in the mountains? This can decide that juggling of specs, and how much money can be justified for the mission.

Buying complete vs building at home

Amateur homebuilding of aircraft is a complex topic, because while the dreaming and shopping is the easiest part of the process, it can prove difficult to finish for busy people with careers and families. This question is actually 2 questions: 1) Type certified vs Experimental Amateur Homebuilt and 2) Complete aircraft (used) vs kit or scratchbuilding.

Certified vs Experimental


Complete vs Kit/scratchbuilding


Pre-purchase inspection



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