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  • chosstronaut created a new forum topic Denio Junction gas?
    Does any one know if the pumps in Denio Junction have been fixed yet? Thanks!
    2 hours 59 minutes ago
  • I have a chance to buy an ELT (406/GPS) from these guys and although Spruce and others carry the product I can't seem to find any reviews. Does anyone have experience with the company?
    3 hours 11 minutes ago
  • denalipilot created a new forum topic CS Props for Dummies
    I'm getting pretty excited about my 170B conversion to 180 Hp and cs prop. Hopefully it's just a few weeks out now. For the record, it's a fuel-injected Lycoming IO-360 M1B with roller tappets. Starting...
    9 hours 39 minutes ago
  • 4/17/2014 After 12 years with the same machinist manufacturing our entire line of Gascolator parts, Jim Rice at Industrial Support Services has decided to call it quits and is closing his shop permanently....
    10 hours 15 minutes ago
  • That is about $30,000 more than I paid for a virtually identical 73 182P 4 years ago. Mine had a 750 hour Pponk, 3 blade Mac 406, no garmin, but a decent autopilot. Total airframe time was about 5000. As I recall the the asking price was $65,000 and I paid $57,000 for it. It has been a great plane. I converted it to a seaplane with the seaplanes west conversion, and added wing extensions.
    12 hours 52 minutes ago
    mtnaflyer Man that seems like a great price. If I'm not mistaken though I believe airplane prices were pretty low due to the economy 4 years ago. If I could find a stock one for that price I'd jump on it!
    12 hours 43 minutes ago
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    RWM Thanks, Phil. Was last summer up in Northern Utah.
  • Jeredp created a new forum topic Help! 8.50x6 tires rubbing brake pad
    I finished the installation of the Airglas fork and 8.50s on my '56 172. The brake pad on one side is rubbing the tire slightly. How are people addressing this issue?
  • mtnaflyer created a new forum topic 1973 182P prices
    Hey all I I've been lurking on this sit for a few weeks now and finally thought I'd get some opinions on prices. I'm looking at a 1973 182 on the west coast (I live in Seattle). It has 5300 hrs TT and...
  • Zzz created a new forum topic BackcountryPilot.Org hats available Hopefully the store still works.
  • wtxdragger created a new forum topic The Solo
    My son wrote a little poem after our trip to Llano for the Texas STOL Roundup. He showed it to a friend of ours and he said to call it "The Solo" The Solo Looking down the runway the prop begins...
  • brief history on his life and his career as a mechanic and innovator in Alaska aviation: 90151784
  • porterjet created a new forum topic Caravan job
    Hi all; I just got a note from a friend in Riyadh, he says there is a Prince looking for G5, Lear 24 and Caravan crews. I don't know any more about it but it could be a good way to break into jets. They...
  • Hello All, I figured I would reach out to this community as I am sure many of you have on old piece of strut lying in your hanger. I want to get as many strut sections as possible to be able to test...