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  • mtnaflyer created a new forum topic 1973 182P prices
    Hey all I I've been lurking on this sit for a few weeks now and finally thought I'd get some opinions on prices. I'm looking at a 1973 182 on the west coast (I live in Seattle). It has 5300 hrs TT and...
    20 minutes ago
  • Zzz created a new forum topic BackcountryPilot.Org hats available Hopefully the store still works.
    1 hours 5 minutes ago
  • wtxdragger created a new forum topic The Solo
    My son wrote a little poem after our trip to Llano for the Texas STOL Roundup. He showed it to a friend of ours and he said to call it "The Solo" The Solo Looking down the runway the prop begins...
    1 hours 23 minutes ago
  • brief history on his life and his career as a mechanic and innovator in Alaska aviation: 90151784
    3 hours 11 minutes ago
  • porterjet created a new forum topic Caravan job
    Hi all; I just got a note from a friend in Riyadh, he says there is a Prince looking for G5, Lear 24 and Caravan crews. I don't know any more about it but it could be a good way to break into jets. They...
    3 hours 44 minutes ago
  • Hello All, I figured I would reach out to this community as I am sure many of you have on old piece of strut lying in your hanger. I want to get as many strut sections as possible to be able to test...
    6 hours 7 minutes ago
  • 91575955
    7 hours 57 minutes ago
  • DonC created a new forum topic Cub ski #-o
    8 hours 29 minutes ago
  • Yukoner created a new forum topic New Shoes!
    I bought my 185 last summer and since then I have had bushwheel envy! Just ordered a set of 29"ABW. Thanks to Mountainmatt and his video it was easy for me to break the news to my better half! I...
    8 hours 45 minutes ago
  • How much lighter is it than say poly fiber?
    10 hours 5 minutes ago
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  • Zzz shared a video.
    Extras: Texas STOL Round Up 2014
    From the Llano cutting room floor... I flinched thinking he was headed toward me, hence the camera drop. My self-preservation instinct is strong.
    Some good action at the Texas STOL Round Up! I thought he was headed for me.
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