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    A better than new Cessna 170

    Of all the classic airplanes we wish were still newly manufactured, the Cessna 170B would be near the top of the list. John Nielsen tells his story of how he rescued a nearly abandoned aircraft and made it better than new. Read More
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Backcountry destinations

Learn about backcountry airports and off-airport operations from around the world.


Backcountry aircraft

Bush planes and aircraft that are ideal for backcountry flying, including popular modifications and accessories.


Backcountry piloting

Techniques and procedures for negotiating the unique flight environment of the backcountry.

Safety & Survival

Backcountry safety and survival

Self-sufficiency in the absence of civilization is a critical skillset for pilots.

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Scolopax 10 minutes ago View the latest post Desser 8.5x6 smoothies on Cessna 180
The biggest incentive to using non-ribbed tires, in my opinion, is that they won't fling gravel in to the horizontal stabilizer or prop. I have a few nicks in my prop and a few chips...
akgreg Today, 20:42pm View the latest post Desser 31 x 11 x 10 tires
So let me get this straight,
Airframes 10x10 wheel is drilled for tubes so OTHER BRANDS of tires can be mounted on them and I pose the question to them about doing the same thing to...
Products, Gear, and Technology
ShadowAviator Today, 20:26pm View the latest post Need help selecting a GPS unit!
You'll get lots of advice here, and some of it will conflict, so eventually you'll have to make your own decisions on what to get, what to install, or even whether to install. Here's...
Aviation Regulation and Law
albravo Today, 20:13pm View the latest post Contact's Apology to Instructors Everywhere
Look at it this way:
Companies sell their products to the greatest number of customer possible. Flight schools are no different. Accordingly, they have to dumb the product down,...
Products, Gear, and Technology
courierguy Today, 19:44pm View the latest post Montague folding bike conversion to electricty
Indeed, a lot of MBR's are up in arm over sharing "their" trails, that used to be just for game until hikers came along, then the hikers got excited about the MBR's showing...
xdillonx Today, 19:08pm View the latest post Avgas from blue to green - yellow
Chris, thanks for the healthy research. I researched for a while as well and hadn't found anything conclusive yet either.
Background on the tank; Tank is brand spanking new off the...
Around the Campfire
GravityKnight Today, 18:48pm View the latest post Reasonable and Customary FBO Fees
Last couple times I got a hanger for 2 nights each trip in WY it was $45/night, no other fees. Free parking on their ramp. Big Horn Aviation in Sheridan. Very friendly and nice even...

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Bush Flying Library

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