• Tales from Yesteryear

    True Maine bush flying stories

    Pilot and author Jake Morrel has released Hardscrabble Lodge: True Maine Bush Flying Stories, a vivacious and colorful tale of his pursuit of a life in the wilderness of northwest Maine.

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Projects: Homebuilding and Restoration
whee 14 minutes ago View the latest post Whee's Bearhawk Project...progress.
Whee, does the German Shepherd get to go on flights with you?
Duke used to fly with me pretty regularly and the seating is arranged so he will fit in the BH with the family but he's...
Helicopter and rotorcraft flying
tcj 17 minutes ago View the latest post Here's some pictures to start off the new section
One morning in 1973 we got a phone call from Olympic Helicopters. He said we were going to get 10 barrels of fuel delivered by Chinook that morning. The helibase was on Chinook pass...
Products, Gear, and Technology
PittsDriver 29 minutes ago View the latest post 700x6 on the nose 850s or 800s on the mains?
You might want reach out to Grassstrippilot if he doesn't chime in here. I believe he can answer your question.
Projects: Homebuilding and Restoration
romaja 34 minutes ago View the latest post Rans S-20 Build with Pictures
That's a nice low empty weight, especially with that panel and a few of the extras you mention (coolant heater). Good job! I'll be seeing Mark at Rocky Mountain Kitplanes in a few days,...
Airports and Airstrips
mjwings Today, 05:00am View the latest post Escalante 1L7 PIREP Request
We enjoyed meeting you at Nokai Dome yesterday. MIke and Jan in the Carbon Cub. Small world, both of us knowing Dave H. Hope you have a great time exploring. Weather should be...
Around the Campfire
Sidewinder Today, 00:55am View the latest post Bob Hoover Flies West
Ya, Its sad that the typical wastes of skin, like the carcrashions, Justass Bumbler and those sorts get constant recognition over someone like Hoover that actually did something worthwhile...
Helicopter and rotorcraft flying
NZMaule Today, 00:49am View the latest post The light helicopter landscape
Great to see so many rotary pilots coming out of the closet, I figured it might have been taboo to talk about rotary on here.
I trained in the Robinson which is a pretty popular rotary...
Video Gallery
Flo Yesterday, 23:07pm View the latest post Trouble finding a video...
I think this is the original thread for that video: https://www.backcountrypilot.org/forum/ ... ideo-10922
and this was the Vimeo link: https://vimeo.com/49552527
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