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    Maule ferry flight to Alaska

    For the second time in less than a year, pilot Ted Waltman heads north to Alaska from the Lower 48, this time to ferry a newly-purchased Maule M5 from Pullman, WA for a busy friend.
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Barnstormer 15 minutes ago View the latest post T3 Tailwheel Suspension
I'm not sure what I'll have to do to accomplish that, but will work on a solution. It may turn out that I'll have to swap out springs to to be able to repeatedly carry gross weight...
Zzz 37 minutes ago View the latest post First Airplane Purchase help
There is a beautiful Sedan that I see every year in the Seaplanes North yard...drool. They are a pretty airplane.
Yeah theres a sweet sedan on alaskaslist right now.
There aren't many...
Theory, Practice, and Procedures
contactflying 52 minutes ago View the latest post Contactflying High Sierra Project- Sept 17-20
My mistake on Doug's (Black Water ) call sign is typical of my lack of attention and computer skills. I will be posting separately on his quality instruction of safe maneuvering flight...
Around the Campfire
Headoutdaplane Today, 20:54pm View the latest post Texas STOL Roundup Featured in Pilot Magazine
Wait a minute, you are being a little obtuse, would you please speak directly to the point?
Grassstrippilot Today, 20:54pm View the latest post Cargo Pod Questions
Ran 2 tu206's with tsio-520 one with pod and One with out. No cooling issues, no speed penalty, and no climb penalty, would run neck and neck. 300 lb wt limit. You have to reach in...
Trip Reports
Barnstormer Today, 20:50pm View the latest post SQ2'n in Alaska
Maybe three weeks left before I head for Texas for the Winter. Gonna get as much flying in as possible in the meantime. Here is a vid from last week.
Around the Campfire
OregonMaule Today, 20:19pm View the latest post Tent For HSF

If the weather was bad enough to actually need the protection the Mtn HW tent provides, I'd probably just fold up quickly and grab a hotel room in Reno to be honest. hahaha I'd...
Products, Gear, and Technology
Cary Today, 18:30pm View the latest post ForeFlight ending support for older devices
I sent them an email and asked if my devices, an original Mini and an iPhone 5s, would still work, and their reply assured me that they would. I also asked when they'd likely have a...


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