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    Maule ferry flight to Alaska

    For the second time in less than a year, pilot Ted Waltman heads north to Alaska from the Lower 48, this time to ferry a newly-purchased Maule M5 from Pullman, WA for a busy friend.
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Products, Gear, and Technology
M6RV6 Yesterday, 21:40pm View the latest post ForeFlight ending support for older devices
I have an IPhone 6 and got that same message. My IPad is gen 2 Mini and it too gets that message
MTV, Did you try what I suggested in the above post to Cary?
akgreg Yesterday, 20:58pm View the latest post T3 Tailwheel Suspension
That looks great Dan. Gabe (AA) sent me the picture of the prototype and I passed it along to my 170 buddies. I know of 5 including myself that are.......giddy.
The Sporting Life
ExperimentalAviator Yesterday, 20:05pm View the latest post Wow, Savage Rifle's Shoot Real Good
The fact I'm getting sub MOA accuracy, I'll be sticking with Fusion. It wouldn't hurt to try the 100gr Hornady I have though.
Products, Gear, and Technology
fshaw Yesterday, 19:49pm View the latest post $125 tie down lines, and Hammer's photo dump
Beautiful axe. Was the handle hand made from from scratch?
DVD and Book Reviews
fshaw Yesterday, 19:32pm View the latest post A Few Good Books
Need some help.
Within the last year or so I read a fictional short story about a german fighter pilot (not Von Richthofen) who was a squadron commander on the front lines during...
shortfielder Yesterday, 19:22pm View the latest post Converting an early Cessna 185 from "T" to "Y" yoke
I have a good U shaped column if anyone wants it.
Around the Campfire
albravo Yesterday, 18:34pm View the latest post Anchorage in town Moose
Are you seeing similar moose numbers in Alaska compared to years previous?
I gotta say, in BC since I was kid, I'm seeing fewer and fewer moose. I see deer now, which I never did growing...
Video Gallery
robw56 Yesterday, 16:51pm View the latest post Jughead and motoadve Bridge gravel bar.
Nice landing and takeoff. What about a rudder turn in low ground effect to miss the trees on the right bank and go down the middle of the river? Why go over something you can go around?...


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