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    Attention deficit: Alaska

    Editor Zane Jacobson returns to Alaska for the annual sojourn to the Airmen Association show, with the newly added challenge of having the family in tow. Read More
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Tuning, Maintenance, and Parts Support
AKJurnee 31 minutes ago View the latest post Used Parts Survey

From what I have seen there is very little to no advertising nor used parts companies that have a good search and inventory display function. That leads me to think there is an opportunity...
Engines and Propellers
BlindPilot Today, 00:00am View the latest post Mt props
Glad you're enjoying your new prop! Do you notice much difference in climb and takeoff performance over your previous prop? What did you have before?
Airports and Airstrips
soyAnarchisto Yesterday, 23:09pm View the latest post Mexican Mountain, UT PIREPS?
I met 3 lurker BCP'er last weekend ferrying a 180 they just bought from California to Texas. They'd stayed at Mexican Mountain the night before (last thursday) and said the...
Trip Reports
Barnstormer Yesterday, 23:06pm View the latest post Escalante, UT to Skagway, AK
Wow Chris, you launched and got home before I blinked! Ah, nice to have a Wagon.
Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
175 magnum Yesterday, 22:41pm View the latest post Path to 182 Bushwheel Suggestions?
My 172 started out with the 310 nose fork and 600x6 on the front right from the factory and 800x6 on the mains. I have left the big fork and 600x6 on the front but switched the mains...
Video Gallery
hotrod180 Yesterday, 21:07pm View the latest post A Little WA sandbar play
I-5 is self-explanatory but where is the Dogleg gravel bar?
I flew over to Arlington today for lunch at Ellie's and afterward flew the Stilly from I-5 upstream past the confluence of...
Trip Reports
Crzyivan13 Yesterday, 19:36pm View the latest post Attention Deficit: Alaska

I made a new "1 Minute Film" from flying with Devon.
Love it. Must..... Go......... Next year.
Accident Analysis
Cary Yesterday, 19:31pm View the latest post Self Pity: Wallowing in Ground Effect
Just curious, some of you mentioned seat sliding back. My 172 has the emergency stop mechanism, it works kinda like the seatbelt in a car. Once you move too fast it locks up.

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