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    Attention deficit: Alaska

    Editor Zane Jacobson returns to Alaska for the annual sojourn to the Airmen Association show, with the newly added challenge of having the family in tow. Read More
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Learn about backcountry airports and off-airport operations from around the world.


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Bush planes and aircraft that are ideal for backcountry flying, including popular modifications and accessories.


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Techniques and procedures for negotiating the unique flight environment of the backcountry.

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Backcountry safety and survival

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Flight Resource - Composite Prop Upgrades For Most Popular Aircraft

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Around the Campfire
richpiney 1 minute ago View the latest post Memorial Day 2016 who's doing what?
Delivering the skydivers (Presenting the American Flag) at the start of the annual Corvallis, Montana Memorial Day Parade.
The "Biggest Small Town Parade in the World" is...
Products, Gear, and Technology
mtv 57 minutes ago View the latest post Air lantern
Go to Home Depot and buy a bunch of their garden or walk lights. Not too bright, but as long as you only need them to show the runway while landing, should be bright enough. You don't...
Projects: Homebuilding and Restoration
Kitfox5 Yesterday, 19:53pm View the latest post P.ponking the C180
Making progress todayhttp://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20160530/c45d2a45690be158b29fa1184dcb14f4.jpghttp://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20160530/dee7d10f0b2b84cd4f14e514dff35f78.jpg
hotrod180 Yesterday, 19:35pm View the latest post Bushwheels Scout 8GCBC
...Original Scout wheels are 8:50 x 6. ....
When I read this, I thought to myself that it sounded like bullshit. I've never even heard of 850x6 wheels.
Well AK-HUNT, I apologize! You...
Airports and Airstrips
shortfielder Yesterday, 19:23pm View the latest post Mexican Mountain, UT PIREPS?
I did Mex. Mtn, Eagle City, Hidden Splendor,Angel Point, Dirty Devil. Happy Canyon, Green River Subway(they were out of Ice Cream), but sanwhich and gas was good, Mineral Canyon, they...
Trip Reports
Cary Yesterday, 16:03pm View the latest post Inspired by "Flight of Passage"
On a related note, that's an excellent book--very enjoyable and pleasant to read.
courierguy Yesterday, 16:01pm View the latest post Where did you fly today?
I spotted this while still in Idaho, on the way to Kalispell the other day. Saved in the GPS, for when the skis are back on! Also this pretty smooth looking ( right....) ridge top in...
GumpAir Yesterday, 15:32pm View the latest post Escalante, UT to Skagway, AK
You're missing a good show Chris!
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Flight Resource - Composite Prop Upgrades For Most Popular Aircraft


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