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    Photo pilot: Six questions with Alex Wells

    Gentleman Husky pilot and globetrotter Alex Wells is our latest featured photographer. Get to know the Bend, Oregon resident a little better to learn how he brings to life his aerial landscape and candid photography.

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Video Gallery
northernguy 11 minutes ago View the latest post A trip to the beach
Do a "long" touch and go. Circle back and look at your tracks. if they have a shimmer of water in them then it's no good. If the have little sand windrows where the tires...
TheRebeler 20 minutes ago View the latest post FS: 26" Airstreak - Alaska Bushwheels
Selling my 26" Airstreak ABWs. I've had them about 3 years on a Murphy Rebel. Absolutely fantastic tires, they have always served me well but as I get ready to sell the plane...
Theory, Practice, and Procedures
asadarnell 24 minutes ago View the latest post Ag/taxi/fire pilot advice wanted
Just to clarify one point...you don’t have to have ground fire experience to fly tankers, or air attack (as a pilot...to*be* an air attack you do need ground fire experience).
Around the Campfire
Southern Boy 40 minutes ago View the latest post Wild Flowers and Fire History
excellent pictures. Thanks for posting.
Products, Gear, and Technology
aktahoe1 58 minutes ago View the latest post Helmet Purchased. Time to get yours
I keep hearing about how driving is more dangerous than flying...The Bonehead has arrived http://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20160830/7463159f848f7be842722ee63b1acaf7.jpghttp://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20160830/ba12f7d8c13f545ec0db74309d1338f7.jpg
Aircraft Types
Cary Today, 12:36pm View the latest post 1954 Cessna placard
Every so often, I think there should be a big placard right in front of the pilot of all airplanes, which says, "Don't do something stupid!"
Accident Analysis
PapernScissors Today, 12:26pm View the latest post Is GA engine reliabilty really good, or is it just a myth?
The hard part here is definitions. Define engine, define failure, and define the relevant causes.
...It's more often pilot error than mechanical failure.
That's true. Sometimes the...
Video Gallery
Cary Today, 11:47am View the latest post Mt Rainier lenticular
Often enough, standing lenticulars tell of really tough flying downstream--and "downstream" can extend 100 miles on a really windy day.
Great video! We love the PNW and spend...
Airframes Alaska - Grizzly Claw ski brake


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Featured photographer

Husky pilot and photographer Alex Wells

Check out the work of our latest featured photographer, Alex Wells.

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Bush Flying Library

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