• Tales from Yesteryear

    True Maine bush flying stories

    Pilot and author Jake Morrel has released Hardscrabble Lodge: True Maine Bush Flying Stories, a vivacious and colorful tale of his pursuit of a life in the wilderness of northwest Maine.

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Aviation Regulation and Law
Cary less than a minute ago View the latest post Passenger in cargo area.
Of course, this brings up the question, how do you determine which loves you more, your wife or your dog?
Answer (aviation oriented): stuff each of them in the baggage compartment...
Around the Campfire
Cary 3 minutes ago View the latest post First time in 30 years
There are those of us whose float time is so minimal that we tend to forget how much fun they are on floats! Sort of the grass is greener on the other side of the fence situation, right?
Theory, Practice, and Procedures
Cary 6 minutes ago View the latest post Turbulence, how much is to much.
While the air in a down draft may flatten out and go horizontal, an aircraft weighs more and the inertia of the aircraft may continue down and hit the ground. If you are counting on...
Products, Gear, and Technology
motoadve 18 minutes ago View the latest post Biggest 8 x 6.00 tire? smallest 7x 6.00 tire?
I have Air Trac 800x6 on my Bearhawk. It's up on blocks right now so there is no weight on the tires. They measure 18" tall and 7.5" wide. I don't recommend them but thought...
Projects: Homebuilding and Restoration
G44 Today, 11:40am View the latest post The Light at The End of the Tunnel - My 185 Project
Paint the whole airplane silver and then put the EXACT original scheme and colors over the silver. Silver paint if done right looks great. Also, use original factory fonts for...
Engines and Propellers
CamTom12 Today, 07:42am View the latest post 520 or 470 carb ice
168 deg F carb temp? I'd like to put a sensor in mine, too.
Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Projects: Homebuilding and Restoration
CamTom12 Today, 07:40am View the latest post Whee's Bearhawk Project...progress.
I know your plan is just for VFR flight, but I'd stick an attitude reference in there. I've got a TruTrack ADI and love it. Found mine used for pretty cheap (included the backup battery)....
Maintenance, Tuning, and Parts Support
fiftynineSC Today, 07:21am View the latest post Gill 7035-28 battery question
I have not tried that one, but looks like a good upgrade over the old one. I had good luck with old gill, but noticed if you didn't keep it on a battery tender they wouldn't last long...
Airframes Alaska - Grizzly Claw ski brake


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