Cessna 180/185 Skywagon


Arguably the standard by which backcountry utility is measured, the venerable Cessna Skywagon has few peers in the 4-seat class. First introduced in 1953, the model 180 was the next generation in airframe and powerplant performance, improving upon the 170 series with more aerodynamic flush riveting, trimmable stabilator, square tail surfaces, a 470 cubic inch six-cylinder engine running at 220hp, a constant speed propeller, and overall greater load carrying capacity.

Nowadays, the list of modifications is extensive, making what is already a great backcountry aircraft even better. Here's a list of backcountry-oriented modifications that are approved by Supplemental Type Certificate (STC). This list is by no means exhaustive, and suggestions are welcome.


Modification Applicability STC Number STC Holder
Tail pull handle SA3812NM BAS
V Brace 180, 180A, 180B SA02319AK F. Atlee Dodge

Baggage / cargo

Modification STC Number STC Holder
Carbon Fiber Ext Baggage SA02180AK Aerovative Composites
Fiberglass ext baggage SA01102SE Selkirk Aviation
Belly pod (185 only) SA00064DE Aeropod


Modification STC Number STC Holder
Flap handle extension SA02246LA William M. Berle


Modification Applicability STC Number STC Holder
O-470-50 "Super Eagle" All 180 models SA00468WI PPonk Aviation
Conversion O-470-U to O-520 180 G, H, J & K SE2107NM Kenmore Air Harbor
Remote Mount Oil Filter Kit All SA00079NY Airwolf Filter Corporation

Fuel system

Modification STC Number STC Holder
Belly Drain SA1412SO C-Mods

Landing gear / brakes / tires

Modification STC Number STC Holder
Gearbox beef-up kit SA2918NM PPonk Aviation
10"/14" Tailwheel SA2359NM XP Mods
Baby bushwheel tailwheel SA01636SE Alaskan Bushwheel
Bushwheel tubeless tires SA01015SE Alaskan Bushwheel


Modification STC Number STC Holder
MT Propeller SA02294CH Flight Resource LLC

Seating and Restraints

Modification STC Number STC Holder
Folding Jump Seats SA02008AK F. Atlee Dodge
Inertial reel shoulder harness SA2067NM BAS


Modification STC Number STC Holder
Fixed wheel penetration skis SA213AL Airglas Inc
Fixed wheel penetration skis SA03030CH Trick Air
Retractable wheel skis SA02244AK Airglas Inc


Modification STC Number STC Holder
Vortex generators SA01646SE Micro Aerodynamics
WingX STOL Wing extensions SA00276NY Air Research Technology
Sportsman STOL kit SA2256WE Stene Aviation
RMD Wingtips SA00648SE RMD Aircraft Lighting


Modification STC Number STC Holder
Skylight Upgrade SA4379NW CubCrafters
  • Compiled by Vick, Barnstormer, bigrenna, Oregon180, Zzz
  • Lead photo by Brad Thornberg

Suggest other valuable backcountry-oriented mods for this aircraft. It is very helpful to have information about the STC number and the website of the STC holder, if possible.

There's a forum topic underway about this.

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