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    Pilot's guide to portable shelters

    New in the knowledge base: A pilot's guide to portable shelters of all types, from tarps to heated tents. Read More
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Backcountry destinations

Learn about backcountry airports and off-airport operations from around the world.


Backcountry aircraft

Bush planes and aircraft that are ideal for backcountry flying, including popular modifications and accessories.


Backcountry piloting

Techniques and procedures for negotiating the unique flight environment of the backcountry.

Safety & Survival

Backcountry safety and survival

Self-sufficiency in the absence of civilization is a critical skillset for pilots.

Airframes Alaska - Gear for winter flying and more

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Around the Campfire
OregonMaule 2 minutes ago View the latest post Low and Slow to Osh starts in 13 days!
I've eaten at that same steakhouse. In Hay Springs with Karl S. Landed in Chadron though. My airplane of the day wasn't suited to Hay Springs.
I'll try to track some of you down....
Crzyivan13 3 minutes ago View the latest post Hangar size
The hangar is erected. The Amish guys built it in 4 days. Their work is top notch. Now we are waiting for the concrete floor to be poured. Watching the young Amish men work made me...
Projects: Homebuilding and Restoration
Crzyivan13 13 minutes ago View the latest post Aktahoe - Adventures in a Backcountry Super Cub Rev 2
Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Products, Gear, and Technology
Grassstrippilot 36 minutes ago View the latest post Foreflight - Terrain Map for Offline Use
Sorry FAA. I didn't see that 3 mile wide TFR because I was zoomed out too far and it was filtered out. Or fill in the blank with whatever other detail you want. But, in fairness,...
Theory, Practice, and Procedures
doc_dyer Today, 05:28am View the latest post vfr into imc - question

https://www.premierflightct.com/newslet ... comes.html
fixed link you cut off the "h" off the front
Aviation Regulation and Law
CamTom12 Today, 04:44am View the latest post NORSEE & non-TSO'd Garmin G5, G3Touch, etc
I wonder how much time and money Garmin spent getting the STC?
And modifying the G5 t eliminate the autopilot-driving feature?
(from the AvWeb article: "Unlike the version released...
Maintenance, Tuning, and Parts Support
wannabe Today, 00:46am View the latest post Fuel Flow Problemo
Did you/yours happen to use Teflon Tape? The above link in my first reply says that is a NO-NO.
EDIT: "It never fails while in-flight." SO - seems to me the problem should...
Trip Reports
Flyhound Yesterday, 21:44pm View the latest post Where did you fly today?
Mears Field in Concrete, WA isn't a backcountry destination, but the flight through some of the northern Cascades getting there is still pretty sweet. The North Cascades Vintage Aircraft...

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