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  • 8GCBC created a new forum topic 2015.07.05.KONP Amphib MLG bearing OH
    After saltwater, the bearings were corroded and some will need replacement. I am switching grease type to AeroShell #22, I used the cheaper AeroShell #6 and it really did work well. The other part...
    6 hours 8 minutes ago
  • Zzz - updated group, Cessna 182 Skylane
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  • TSR uploaded a new avatar.
    9 hours 3 minutes ago
  • I'm in Smithfield, VA. Just moved a few months ago. I found a nice public grass strip on the Eastern Shore yesterday for my first farm strip work in my 182. I'm hooked...let the backcountry mods begin....
    9 hours 9 minutes ago
  • Hello All! I'm new to BCP and I have a 1979 182 that I am planning on modding for the backcountry. I would like to hear about any mods people have done and what kind of pros and cons they've found.
    9 hours 18 minutes ago
    dudestickle Welcome TSR
    6 hours 40 minutes ago
  • Barnstormer created a new forum topic Android/Garmin Pilot
    Any of you running an Android Tablet with Garmin Pilot, a friend of mine would like to know what you think of the combination, and if you've had any problems. Thanks
    11 hours 20 minutes ago
  • Ruts are getting too deep at this strip. Any tips on how to fix it? They put gravel but with rain and use it just goes away.(Even it doesn get hardly any use) Place is remote , no acces by car, just...
    12 hours 8 minutes ago
  • Building the Bearhawk Patrol in LSA Configuration The April 2015 First Edition of Bearhawk Magazine has a great article by BCP member Jared Yates titled ” Bon Barrows – Bearhawk Aircraft Designer...
    13 hours 49 minutes ago
  • Tadpole, just spoke with Tim (IA) who is also running the STC for the 220 Franklin on his -3 with the Hartzel, but he has obtained via 337 approval to run a 82" C 201 due to not support on the C21 & thinks you could certainly do that with the C22 as well as it was the McCauley that superceded the C21. What is trashed on your C21? I have a bent one of those as well but all but the blades appears OK
    13 hours 56 minutes ago
  • Thats to bad, you definetly don't want to go with the obsolete C21, My mechanic A/P,IA is also running a 220 on his -3 & is using the Hartzel. Will check with him on if the C22 can be used I sure don't see why not as it was the direct replacement for the C21. Will get back to you with what I find out.
    14 hours 17 minutes ago
  • Barnstormer created a new forum topic FS: Apollo GX55 w/Antenna
    For sale, Apollo GX55 with tray and antenna. IFR Enroute and Terminal. Came out of my IFR Certified 185. $350 plus shipping.
    15 hours 29 minutes ago
  • DrifterDriver created a new forum topic Las vegas members?
    Just wondering if we have any members in the Las Vegas area? Imguessing not, bush flying is not typically the first thing that springs to mind when one mentions Las Vegas but I thought Id give it a shot. Ill...
    21 hours 8 minutes ago
  • Denali created a new forum topic Santa's FAA Checkride
    Santa Claus, like all pilots, gets regular visits from the Federal Aviation Administration, and the FAA examiner arrived last week for the pre-Christmas flight check. In preparation, Santa had...
  • The BC Pilots Association has basically just launched. The goal is to get more pilots flying more places. There is a BC map on the site that has a lot of strips that are not in the...
  • I’ve got four Altee Dodge PMA'd Cessna Seat Track Cargo Tie-downs for sale. Two are new, never used. They clamp to the seat rails. They cost $270 new. Selling for $200, includes shipping anywhere...
  • FARMAULE created a new forum topic Scrambled on this Yoke Decision
    Hey Guys just wanted to get your opinions. I haven't been in the Maule in about 2 years but am looking to hit it hard when I get home. My only issue has been my long legs. I've already done some work too...
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