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  • Sounds good. We just got an RV so my wife and son are psyched to get out and do a little "glamping". Douglas and Glendo sound great. How's the fishing on Glendo? I know the fishing further upstream on the north platte up above Casper is supposed to be fantastic.
    9 hours 37 minutes ago
  • Just thought these pics were worthy of posting. Not too often that you see a Porter on 35's.
    10 hours 41 minutes ago
  • That dude is fearless.
    11 hours 44 minutes ago
  • Planning on escaping the heat and flying up to Orcas this weekend.
    12 hours 6 minutes ago
  • I'm Considering escaping the heat and flying to Orcas this weekend.
    12 hours 8 minutes ago
  • Joewcasey created a new forum topic Pirep requested
    Looking for any recent conditions on a few strips for a Monday departure: Wilson Bar moose Creek Cabin Creek Shearer Fish Lake Thanks
    13 hours 8 minutes ago
  • . Quick Ethical Question about Reposting a Thread I have been mulling over a question, and can’t quite figure it out. Being feeble minded, it is a condition which I face every day. #-o Is it ethical...
    15 hours 10 minutes ago
  • Alabama is a fat guy with a goatee, wearing a camo jacket and a trucker hat. Despite his drunkenness and outwards appearance of being a racist redneck, he is actually pretty nice to everyone at the bar....
    17 hours 26 minutes ago
  • WWhunter created a new forum topic Super Legend
    A friend and I have been discussing various aircraft that fit into the LSA catagory that are of recent manufacture. Warantee concerns and having something newer would be nice compared to both of our recent...
    18 hours 7 minutes ago
  • I am scheduled to be in Eielson AFB with the big iron on Monday night the 3rd. Don't have much time but if any BCPers are around Monday night let me know.
  • I'm renting a plane to fly to Austin this year since mine will still be in the testing phase and I want to bring my wife and daughter. The place I rent from has 160HP M models which are their money makers...
  • courierguy created a new forum topic AVIATION RELATED CRANE JOB
    I got a call from a local pilot, he needed me to lift a 9K 40' container off a flatbed and set it down by his shop. Business as usual so far, but then he said first we needed to hand unload the two all...
  • Cessna 170 - Bagarre shared a photo in the album
    Metalprep 79 to the rescue!!
    Durry HI Mike
    It is for private use only, I'm looking forward to travelling in the outback and around the coast of Australia with it.
    10 months ago
  • Oops. Thats what I meant. He wants to trade his Lady legs plus cash for my 180 gear.
  • I'm pretty sure the cash should be flowing the other way... if you trade for the lady legs he should be giving you a chunk of cash.
  • That's what prompted the decision. I have a person that has Lady legs and wants my 180 legs plus some cash.
  • I'm looking for 180 gear, so if you want to part with them, I can make sure they get a good home and are put to some true BC use up here in Alaska on skis and bush wheels.