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  • 2 hours 35 minutes ago
  • Should we stick with the 15th then and plan another trip up to include a visit to the backcountry supercub factory?
    5 hours 23 minutes ago
  • Some nice photos of the event.
    7 hours 16 minutes ago
  • I updated the server side component of the Tapatalk system this afternoon and my iOS app stopped pulling fresh data. I spent a lot of time troubleshooting and finally came to the conclusion that my version...
    9 hours 33 minutes ago
  • Zzz created a new forum topic It boggles the mind... you can take someone flying for their first time ever in a small airplane, and they aren't inspired enough to pursue their certificate. I have taken a fair number of people for rides, and not...
    10 hours 31 minutes ago
  • jrc111 created a new forum topic Cessna 180 Remove Tail
    I'm interested in removing the stabilizer on a 1958 C180 I bought this summer, both to inspect the jackscrew mechanisms and to replace the vor cable. The service manual is kind of sketchy on that process...
    10 hours 34 minutes ago
  • Districtfab is friends with OregonMaule
  • Unfortunately, the 29th doesn't work for me. My wife is defending her PhD then. Missing that would, for my SQ-2 chances. ;)
    13 hours 27 minutes ago
  • 22nd doesn't work for me unfortunately. 29th?
    13 hours 39 minutes ago
  • The weekend of the 22nd works with my calendar. I could likely also duck out of the office on Friday.
    14 hours 38 minutes ago
  • August 8th in Joseph, OR I'm looking for a one way ride out that way from Portland area if anyone is going. Thanks. -PilotMike
    14 hours 43 minutes ago
  • Hey Guys - I have an opportunity to buy a 1963 172 with a 220 Franklin... It's a great performing bird as it is, but would be even better with a cuff, some VG's and some big tires... What are your...
    15 hours 9 minutes ago
  • The weekend of the 22nd would work for me, and sneaking out of the office on Friday has lots of appeal.
    16 hours 38 minutes ago
  • 22nd? I am game for Friday/Saturday sorta thing as well if that works better for anyone.
    16 hours 50 minutes ago
  • Talked to Bruce. The weekend of the 15th is also the weekend of his 60th birthday and he'll be out of town. He'll back at work on Monday the 17th if we want to extend it and visit the factory then - or we can pick another weekend.
    17 hours 25 minutes ago
  • paulrick created a new forum topic Alaska by 182A
    Good day all, My wife and two kids are leaving next week to Alaska from our home in Saskatchewan. We are doing an animal transfer for Paws n Pilots. After we deliver the animal to Homer, AK we are...
    19 hours 37 minutes ago
  • Cessna 170 - Bagarre shared a photo in the Cessna 170's Photos album
    Not what you want to see upon landing. Second fastener still fastened but the latch popped open in flight. Luckily, the little tab prevented the thing from blowing open.
    20 hours 20 minutes ago
  • New York, Curtiss Seaplane Homecoming New York: Curtiss Seaplane Homecoming on Keuka Lake, Hammondsport. Please join us at the south end of Keuka Lake the weekend of Sept. 18-20. (1 week after Greenville...
    22 hours 58 minutes ago
  • I really need to remove and strip/paint my gear legs on a straightail 182. No seaplane eyebolts or factory jack points on the wing like a 210. Any clever do it yourself type of ideas for holding up a wing...