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    2 hours 14 minutes ago
  • akgreg created a new forum topic FS: Electronics International gauges
    I am doing a panel upgrade and have a few gauges left to sell, All are less than two years old and are in perfect condition. UBG-16 - 4 cylinder set-up. New $1648 - Sell for $1000 M-1 manifold pressure....
    3 hours 20 minutes ago
  • AvidFlyer created a new forum topic Another Checkride in the books
    This time a professional one. I started my USAF KC-10A Flight Engineer school back in Jan. Spent a while doing academics and sims and after a sim check did 9 rides and a checkride in the jet. After 10...
    4 hours 54 minutes ago
  • I have asked about this a little in the past, but let's say you're having a carbureted parallel valve 540 built custom, what options do go for? Compression ratio? 7.3:1 or 8.5:1? I'd be comfortable...
    9 hours 20 minutes ago
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  • BTV created a new forum topic Juneau in July - What to do?
    Hello All, I have lucked into being invited on a sweet fishing trip ( leaving Petersburg on July 11th for a week. I have never been to Alaska and figure if I'm going...
    11 hours 14 minutes ago
  • rw2 created a new forum topic Lone Star Maule Round Up 2015
    "You can't have a better fly in than we did" ZgIosC1DbSA
    14 hours 17 minutes ago
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    20 hours 32 minutes ago
  • Been following these guys for a few months and their offering continues to improve. They have a pretty decent mobile app/uploader too. I've added forum embed support,...
  • HighCountryIdaho added a new comment in 170s in the Wrangells
    Great job Zane, fantastic review. I have to admit ...... Im so jealous. Can't wait for your Flying to Alaska: Part 2 segment.
  • Moss farmer added a new comment in 170s in the Wrangells
    Fantastic production. Have not been I there in years and it makes me want to plan a trip for this summer after the Mosquitos have lessened.
  • RKTX created a new forum topic FS: Sensenich 76AK-2-42
    Sensenich 76AK-2-42 Prop. 280hrs (about) Since New. Came off of a PA-11 with a c-85. In good shape, but there is some paint that got filed off one leading edge while fixing a chip. Pulled hard, and cruised...
  • SKYLANEDAVE created a new forum topic Which gauge to add?
    Going to add an aux gauge to the ei fuel computer in my old Cessna. What do you guys suggest? Thinking digital oil pressure would be nice. Oil temp instead? Carb temp? What do you guys use n why. The old...
  • I know that we have a lot of people building kit aircraft or doing interior overhauls right now in the BCP community, and that some of you have chosen to use Oregon Aero for their industry leading memory...
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  • Scottsimmons1 shared a photo in the Scottsimmons1's Photos album
    Mackay Bar. Best overnight cabin in the backcountry!!!
  • TOOLGUY134 created a new forum topic 0470R For Sale
    I just up grade the engine on my 1968 182L Float Plane to a 0-520 and the realible Continental 0-470 R is now FOR SALE with 2700 hours total time. It had a complete overhaul at 1800 hours and a top overhaul...
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