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  • . Oh my....those duplicate threads...often posted quite inadvertently .. :oops: It is always embarrassing to do a search, find nothing, post on a topic, and only to discover soon thereafter that...
    6 hours 20 minutes ago
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  • Barnstormer added a new comment in Survival vest philosophy
    Excellent video and info Greg. Way overkill for two days (for me) but if we went down you'd be a hell of a lot more comfortable then me. You might consider adding a LifeStraw to the mix. Weighs near nothing and quicker to hydrate then purifying water. I carry one since my "getting stuck on the islan
    11 hours 5 minutes ago
  • I am looking at a 1960 Cessna 180 to buy. The spec sheet says it only has a 850lb useful load. That seems to me to by rather limiting. Full fuel and maybe 2 lightweights in the cockpit and no baggage....
    12 hours 30 minutes ago
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  • . I really enjoyed a recent thread that was put together by Bigrenna and ZZZ on emergency survival vests (complete with video). It's part of the BCP Knowledge Base . That...
    19 hours 47 minutes ago
  • I did it 4 years ago with my friend Carlos Dardano (aerobatic airshow pilot, AG pilot and Airline pilot.He only has one eye and very interesting stories like landing a 737 with both engines out. He...
  • wyomingiswindy created a new forum topic Make Skis
    What do composite straight skis have in them other than fiber and epoxy? Do they have an aluminum skeleton around the axle? Do they use a composite honeycomb or a layer of plywood on the ski-board?
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  • With respect to aviation, the past couple of years have been incredibly personally rewarding. Some amazing trips, amazing experiences, and for sure, amazing friends. In the spirit of giving back and...
  • 175 magnum created a new forum topic cessna winter cowl plugs
    My 1975 Cessna 172 originally came with detachable winter cowl plugs. They were long gone when I purchased the plane but I would like to get a set. Can any of you folks point me in the right direction...
  • CamTom12 created a new forum topic VFR cruising altitudes
    So... Today I was starting a nice flight back home at 3,000 ft to take advantage of a nice tailwind. I called the local approach controller shortly after take off and getting established at altitude...
  • I know I am getting old and senile. I also know that I have called the maneuver Google now calls "coordination rolls" Dutch Rolls for years and pilots all around the country have understood what I was...
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  • RKTX created a new forum topic Cessna Monarch Fuel Cap Screws?
    On our 58' 180, the screws that hold the Monarch Caps on are getting a tiny bit rusted, and we figure we better replace them before there stuck for good, however I haven't been able to find hardly any...
    2 days ago