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  • Zzz replied to a comment in Modification index
    No one monitors the comments here, this is just a reference page. Use the forum for asking a question.
    36 minutes ago
  • iceman created a new forum topic TFR
    In case anyone else had plans for flying around San Diego this weekend forget it.... Opey Dopey is coming to So Kal and the TFR is for every airport in San Diego county from 7 PM Friday to 2 PM monday....
    1 hours 22 minutes ago
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    3 hours 6 minutes ago
  • prescottaz added a new comment in Modification index
    Has anyone put 10x10 wheels and 29x11/10 tires on a Scout ? Good? Bad? Pictures?
    3 hours 54 minutes ago
  • Has anyone put 10x10 wheels and 29 x 11/10 tires on a Scout ? Good? Bad? Pictures?
    4 hours 13 minutes ago
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    6 hours 37 minutes ago
  • I'm guessing this did not end up happening due to the rain?
    7 hours 46 minutes ago
  • What is hiding out there for a experimental Bush options, Besides the Mustang ranch? . Be nice to have something with some speed, cabin room and not a jungle gym to climb into. already know of Wilga ,Bearhawk,...
    9 hours 15 minutes ago
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    13 hours 51 minutes ago
  • Great article, Zane. Thanks!
  • Zzz replied to a comment in The Prototype
    Thanks Ted! I believe the Performance STOL is the name of the company now instead of just "Keller." Keller and Wild co-founded it. As for varying lengths for the flaps, I'm not sure. I would expect you could get them in popular lengths.
  • tedwaltman added a new comment in The Prototype
    First class videography! You are indeed a professional at the camera work Zane. Well written prose as well. I'd love to learn what they are looking at (and why) with the yarn tufts all over the wing & tail. I wonder too if their Keller Flaps are the same width as those sold on the Performanc
  • Parker77 created a new forum topic B.C Aviation Association
    I apologize if this has been posted before, or if I'm posting it in the wrong place, but a friend of mine just sent me a link to this association. It's free to join and they have a comprehensive database...
  • SClow303 created a new forum topic New member and a new build.
    I thought I would stop in and introduce myself. My name is Streeter Clow and I am from North Central Ohio. This past Sunday I brought home a Pacer project that I have been working a deal on for some...
  • bigrenna created a new forum topic LASER FLARE REPORT + BCP DISCOUNT
    Zane and I have been working on a survival vest project for BCP for the last month (film to follow soon!) That said, in pursuit of this endeavor, I have been testing out some cool new (and old) gear......
  • xdillonx created a new forum topic Preflight inspection
    Hello all, I have been an outside observer to BCP and this is my first time posting. I'm a new pilot and am looking to buy my first psuedo-bush airplane (2006 Wilga PZL-104MA) airplane and would like...
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