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  • I have a question for the A&P/A&I's out there. Can I make a bushing for a flap and install it on a certified plane? How about a bushing on my landing gear. I can't find the reg that I'm looking for...
    14 hours 31 minutes ago
  • HI all, I'm in the market for a 3 blade left hand rotation ultralight IVO prop that is at least 66" in diameter. Longer is better, the blades can be cut down if it's longer than I need. IVO recommends...
    17 hours 50 minutes ago
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    20 hours 33 minutes ago
  • Scolopax created a new forum topic Airshow of the Cascades - S33 A small group of us will be heading up from BDN on Saturday morning. Any other BCPers planning on going? Its a great event and the Erickson Aircraft Collection will be...
    21 hours 57 minutes ago
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  • BCPilotguy created a new forum topic A trip to the beach
    Everyone enjoys a trip to the beach, but pilots have access to better beaches. This is what I was up to last week. yaHPHF7b4h8
  • HighCountryIdaho commented on the photo image.
    Hiked back and went cliff jumping at Phelps Lake... Wyoming's secret (just outside Jackson Hole).
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  • flybrandon1 created a new forum topic C180/185
    I'm looking for a nice 180/185... I've seen whats on TAP, Controller, and Barnstormers.. Is there any other nice aircraft for sale? CASH BUYER.
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  • sriracha created a new forum topic FS: Found/aerocet rigging
    Brand new Aerocet rigging for mounting Found onto Aerocet 3500L's. includes airframe fins, and lifting harness. 907-299-8206
  • sriracha created a new forum topic FS: Cessna 206
    1966 TU206A, Aqua 3526 floats, Landis straight skis, gar aero main tires, landis nose fork, sportsman cuff, big horizontal tail, 86 inch black mac prop, TSIO-520 M 310 hp engine 1600smoh, 10,000ttaf,...
  • Cervelorod created a new forum topic PNW impromptu
    Since I broke my ankle in June, most of my summer flying plans got canceled. I had promised the wife that we would go to Stehekin this summer, but the wildfires in the are have it smoky and hazy right...
  • Owner Lionel Carpenter wishes to celebrate his 93rd birthday by hosting a breakfast fly in Saturday Sept 24. He and son Lee will have things ready to go by 8 am, earlier arrivals are welcome. Tom
    2 days ago
  • sriracha created a new forum topic Cessna tu206 for sale
    1966 TU206A with tsio520M 310 HP, Sportsman stol, big tail, 86 inch black mac mid time, straight skis, aqua 3526 floats, landis, gar aero, lumber rack, engine just timed out for part 135 1600smoh,...
    2 days ago