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  • denalipilot created a new forum topic Thoughts on Lasik options?
    I've needed corrective lenses for distance vision since I was a kid. Near vision has always been fine, and as of my last couple eye exams, distance is holding steady. What I am finding however is that...
    2 weeks ago
  • BeanAviation and 17 others have joined the group Ski flying
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  • denalipilot created a new forum topic Aerofloor install tips?
    Any tips for installing a floor product such as Aerofloor Coindot, or SCS Interiors? The latter offers various pre-cut, trim and backing options, and a formed flap tunnel cover. After receiving SCS's...
    2 months ago
  • denalipilot created a new forum topic The AK Trade Show is ON
    2 months ago
  • denalipilot created a new forum topic Lost in Shangri-La free ibook
    This is the story of the plane crash, survival story, and incredible glider-snatch rescue from the jungle of New Guinea in 1945. As of right now, it is one of the free selections on the iBooks store, (assuming...
    2 months ago
  • denalipilot created a new forum topic New Flame-Resistant Product Line
    I have had several Wild Things duffels for over 20 years and they are purely indestructible. It seems the company has changed a little from when I knew them directly, but everything still appears to be...
    3 months ago
  • Don't often see this stuff come up on this site. Looks like a prop for a 182, and Edo 2960s suitable for a 180/5?? Also another prop. Floats don't include rigging. Looks well used. -DP Floats Prop...
    3 months ago
  • BTW, I really like the interior in that red 180(?) in your gallery. Hmm...
    4 months ago
  • Amazing Stuff! Great job!
    4 months ago
  • denalipilot created a new forum topic Floats on snow: SPA trip report
    I just stumbled across this, and found it interesting and nicely written. For more on the topic, I highly recommend Success on the Step: Flying with Kenmore Air, about Bob Munro's exploits on WA and BC...
    4 months ago
  • Great read. Except I guess I'm a tool for not recognizing one of the most recognizable Maules in the world! Just ribbing you, Zane. I talked shop with Wup at the trade show one time, and thoroughly enjoyed meeting him. All the best to him in his new venture. -DP
    5 months ago
  • denalipilot created a new forum topic WTB: Mygoflight ipad ball
    Anybody have one of the early style Ram adapters gathering dust? Glad to make a donation to BCP, or pay reasonable price. Thanks, -DP
    5 months ago
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  • Great to see familiar names here. Congrats to all involved! =D>
    7 months ago
  • lu2WEWRkoXk
    8 months ago
  • denalipilot created a new forum topic Sunken plane pictures
    These came up when I googled the word Wrack today. I thought they were interesting enough to share. -DP
    8 months ago
  • denalipilot created a new forum topic C-170B: 26" GY vs 26" ABW
    Sorry, I know there's been a ton of other threads on this basic topic. I actually have waded through most or all of them. I'm hoping to hear from folks who have run both the 26" Goodyears and the 26"...
    10 months ago
  • denalipilot is friends with robw56
  • I guess there was a thread about this a while back, but it's closer now, and Zane's upped the ante by threatening to put in a personal appearance. So, who else besides me is aiming to be at the trade...
    10 months ago

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