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    I should have been born a bird!
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    flying and the bush

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Sunday, 25 August 2013 03:37
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2 weeks ago
  • lowflyer and 25 others have joined the group Ohio Frontcountry Brushpilots
  • DrifterDriver created a new forum topic Happy Birthday to me!
    Well this year in december is my 30th. My wifes been pushing me trying to find out what I want to do, and I just said a nice little fly in at tyagrah would be good. Now apparently that idea wasnt good...
    2 months ago
  • DrifterDriver created a new forum topic Its never to late!
    The pilot mentioned in this video, Matt Hall, is actually a good friend of mine. His dad was one of the original Australian drifter pilots, and drifters are also where he started before joining the air...
    2 months ago
  • Have i been offered an honorary membership? :D
    4 months ago
    DrifterDriver I feel blessed!
    4 months ago
  • DrifterDriver created a new forum topic Best approach competition!
    alright guys! Im starting a competition here! Who has the best approach on there home strip! the winner will be decided when I remember and finally get around to it, in the mean time I'm going to...
    4 months ago
  • I have just been watching some of the earlier series of a show my wife and I quite like, Robsons Greens extreme fishing. while visiting Alaska he made a visit to fish for pike with a fellow by the...
    4 months ago
  • Well for some of us christmas day has begun (let the chaos begin!) so i wanted to be the first to wish everyone a merry christmas! So tell me, did you guys clean up? I know i sure did! Now i just need...
    5 months ago
  • some fella in red stole my bloody plane!! wasn't impressed but Ill let him off this once as he just seemed to be spreading some Christmas cheer! ShBncyX5jfU Merry Christmas everyone! thanks for a...
    5 months ago
  • DrifterDriver created a new forum topic What is ski flying like
    Just putting it out there as Ive been seeing you guys throw up a heep of ski Videos and photos latley, and as a fella thats never seen snow, it has me curious! what is it like to fly with skis on? how...
    6 months ago
  • DrifterDriver created a new forum topic 50 Bucks is 50 bucks
    An old couple went to an airshow, and there they saw a sign "aerobatic rides! $50!" the husband being a time aviation lover said to his wife "oh geez darling! its only 50 bucks! we should jump on that,...
    6 months ago
  • DrifterDriver created a new forum topic Philip Island Moto GP
    So I have a photo mapping company, in which case we have the Australian Gran prix contract to photo map the Albert Park F1 racing ad the moto GP at philip island each year. This weekend just past was the...
    7 months ago
  • DrifterDriver created a new forum topic Happy 10th birthday
    I would like to wish a happy 4th 10th birthday to the big kid, and all might king of the only community that counts, BCP. Zzz. May you continue to get more immature with everyday, and may the completion...
    8 months ago
  • DrifterDriver created a new forum topic Good luck at HSF!
    As i type this i am having breakfast for what is for me wednesday morning.made me think about you boys going to HSF and what you will be doing on your wednesday morning! I wish so much i could be there!...
    8 months ago
  • DrifterDriver created a new forum topic Snakes on a plane!
    Im doing a ferry flight for a mate of mine in a few weeks of his drifter. the plane hasnt flown for over a year, so this arvo I took 20 minutes to head down to the field its at, look it over and take it...
    8 months ago
  • I walked into dick smiths today, its an electronics store down here. Sells tvs ect. Anyway, as soon as i walked in i heard the name kevin quinn, looked up, and theres the big fella on about 50 or so...
    8 months ago
  • DrifterDriver created a new forum topic Australian fly in?
    put a call out there to the Aussies a while ago, didnt hear boo but a few more of you have emerged recently so i thought I would give it a go. thought about hosting a fly in for BCP members over here,...
    8 months ago
  • A good friend of mine, Paul Bennett, Australia's top air show pilot has just taken a leaf out of skips book, but gone one extra step with a backflip. Theres a few of you I think will enjoy this. Evan,...
    8 months ago
  • DrifterDriver is friends with aussie bob
  • Was doing my usual afternoon scroll of facebook this afternoon, since it seems to be the only way my friends seem to know how to express themselves... and I came across ranch pilots latest, and if I must...
    9 months ago
  • DrifterDriver created a new forum topic This would be a blast
    Havnt put this in the market place as its not me selling it! but came across it today and thought if i knew of a group of flyers who would appreciate what a blast this thing would be, it would be you guys!...
    9 months ago