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    I should have been born a bird!
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    flying and the bush

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Sunday, 25 August 2013 03:37
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8 hours 42 minutes ago
  • Free accommodation? now no ones got an excuse not to come down here! AVI9TmnOwhQ
    1 week ago
  • DrifterDriver created a new forum topic just a bit of fun
    1 week ago
  • DrifterDriver created a new forum topic Heavy duty cessna c18X mount.
    Hey guys. I went to see my friend today who is the most incredible aerowelder i have ever seen to get some work done on my exhaust. While there i noticed an engine mount sitting in a corner. Turns out...
    2 weeks ago
  • Ok, so for a long time now Ive been looking at where I want to go next with aircraft. Thanks kindly to a builder liquidating and taking all my saved aeroplane money and more a few years back, my funds...
    3 weeks ago
  • FARMAULE and 26 others have joined the group Ohio Frontcountry Brushpilots
  • got bored waiting for parts to arrive yesterday, so since the tractor was sitting there and there was water in the river for the first time in 7 years, I thought I would spend a few hours clearing a little...
    4 weeks ago
  • DrifterDriver created a new forum topic for the Catlina lovers
    what a stupid subject I put? for the Catalina lovers? Doesn't EVERYONE love a Catalina!? I personally have a particular soft spot for this particular cat. I was lucky enough to be present for its arrival...
    1 month ago
  • DrifterDriver created a new forum topic Las vegas members?
    Just wondering if we have any members in the Las Vegas area? Imguessing not, bush flying is not typically the first thing that springs to mind when one mentions Las Vegas but I thought Id give it a shot. Ill...
    2 months ago
  • I will be there for certain, pretty keen on a couple of shirts to if possible
    2 months ago
  • DrifterDriver created a new forum topic New plane, thoughts?
    Came across the fella behind this on facebook, doesnt look half bad, what are you thoughts?
    2 months ago
  • hey guys! lets play a little game! my drifter when I got it has some funny little tabs on the stay wires. CAN YOU GUESS WHAT THEY'RE FOR??? They are small bits of rubber wrapped around the lower outer...
    2 months ago
  • Well I'm super excited to tell everyone that I'm crossing the pong this year in October and going to the High sierra fly in! I can not tell you how excited I am! But even though this is a short trip Im...
    2 months ago
  • DrifterDriver created a new forum topic Happy Birthday to me!
    Well this year in december is my 30th. My wifes been pushing me trying to find out what I want to do, and I just said a nice little fly in at tyagrah would be good. Now apparently that idea wasnt good...
    5 months ago
  • DrifterDriver created a new forum topic Its never to late!
    The pilot mentioned in this video, Matt Hall, is actually a good friend of mine. His dad was one of the original Australian drifter pilots, and drifters are also where he started before joining the air...
    6 months ago
  • Have i been offered an honorary membership? :D
    7 months ago
    DrifterDriver I feel blessed!
    7 months ago
  • DrifterDriver created a new forum topic Best approach competition!
    alright guys! Im starting a competition here! Who has the best approach on there home strip! the winner will be decided when I remember and finally get around to it, in the mean time I'm going to...
    7 months ago
  • I have just been watching some of the earlier series of a show my wife and I quite like, Robsons Greens extreme fishing. while visiting Alaska he made a visit to fish for pike with a fellow by the...
    8 months ago
  • Well for some of us christmas day has begun (let the chaos begin!) so i wanted to be the first to wish everyone a merry christmas! So tell me, did you guys clean up? I know i sure did! Now i just need...
    8 months ago
  • some fella in red stole my bloody plane!! wasn't impressed but Ill let him off this once as he just seemed to be spreading some Christmas cheer! ShBncyX5jfU Merry Christmas everyone! thanks for a...
    8 months ago
  • DrifterDriver created a new forum topic What is ski flying like
    Just putting it out there as Ive been seeing you guys throw up a heep of ski Videos and photos latley, and as a fella thats never seen snow, it has me curious! what is it like to fly with skis on? how...
    9 months ago