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  • Coyote Ugly created a new forum topic Dory Afternoon
    My son Justin Dory having fun here in Ausitn. WsGmAtRDhx8
    4 hours 56 minutes ago
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    9 hours 26 minutes ago
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    9 hours 30 minutes ago
  • bigrenna uploaded a new avatar.
    9 hours 30 minutes ago
  • mountainmatt created a new forum topic Happy Easter
    Happy Easter everyone! He is Risen! Romans 6:8-11
    14 hours 11 minutes ago
  • TxKiger created a new forum topic Grass Runway landings
    Hello all, I'd like to get your thoughts on how I can improve my grass runway operations. I'm a low time pilot (currently 75 hours), so I'd love to hear what I can do differently to improve landings...
    15 hours 21 minutes ago
  • Glidergeek created a new forum topic Old Mexico
    Heading to Baja today Gonzaga Bay to be exact. Checking in at San Felipe then 90 miles south to Alfonsinas.. Will be back Tuesday. you can follow me on my spot. Adios
    16 hours 52 minutes ago
  • Hello Backcountry Pilots, Had some friends drop in on me at Clear Creek last weekend. We had two Super-Cubs, one 160 HP Murphy Rebel, and my Maule. Anyway hope you enjoy the video that my friend...
    20 hours 43 minutes ago
  • Hey Stinsoner. Nice photo skiing on the water. That is a very cool one way strip you got there near your property. Id love a crack at that. Make sure you do a video when you go in there. we are looking forward to seeing a plane land there. If you can, mount a camera in the cockpit and get some one...
  • joejenie created a new forum topic Denali Scout owners
    New member here. Taking delivery of a new Denali Scout in a week or so. I owned a new Scout about 8 years ago. Sold it because I thought I wanted a 182 with the Peterson conversion. Got bored and wanted...
  • RWM created a new forum topic Here's one for Gump Remember this day, Gump? I flew east about a hundred miles and picked him up today. He got the first of...
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  • I have used Castrol 20-50 in my 2 Pawnee 235's for the last 400 hours with changes every 50 hrs. No engine problems. less consumption than Shell 15-50. Plus a lot cheaper!
  • F Atlee Dodge does the STC and firewall battery box for the SBS-J-16 battery on all 180/5 models. STC No. SA2333AK-D
  • A1, I have an Odessey on my firewall, but it looks like it was done with a 337 and a logbook entry. I can send you a copy of the 337 if that helps but I know you're up north and don't know if 337's hold any weight up there. Marty
  • Anyone flying tomorrow?
    chosstronaut Okay scratch all that, this weather sucks so I could be at Independence at 1
  • awesome. Thanks Terry.
  • Burl's battery box and Atlee Dodge are the two I know of, I have the Burl's. Both are easy to find with a Google search.
  • Mack Mesa Fat Tire Jamboree Who: Backcountry Pilots and Aviation Enthusiasts Where: Mack Mesa Airport C07 (C zero 7) When: May 16th thru May 18th 2014 What / Activities: Pilot and Navigation...
  • A1Skinner posted a new discussion, Firewall mounted batteries
    Hey guys. Is there an STC for a firewall mounted Oddyssey battery for the 180? Or can I only go with a firewall mounted concorde?